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The Costs of Commonality: Examination of the JLTV as a Case StudyJohn Dillard, Jesse Cunha2016-07-01
An Analysis of Ethics Laws, Compliance with Ethical Standards, and Ethical Core Competency within the Department of the ArmyNancy Lyons, Nathan Wienhoff2016-06-01
LPTA versus Tradeoff: Analysis of Contract Source Selection Strategies and Performance OutcomesJake Baker Michael Bono, Justin DeVoe2016-06-01
Contract Source Selection: an Analysis of Lowest Price Technically Acceptable and Tradeoff StrategiesJamal M. Osman, David W. Hill, David F. Odom, Wesley J. Paulk 2016-06-01
TwoAudrey Carter2016-06-01
Antecedents and Consequences of Supplier Performance Evaluation EfficacyTimothy Hawkins2016-06-01
Making Big Data, Safe Data: A Test Optimization ApproachRicardo Valerdi2016-06-01
Volume I: Acquisition Research: Creating Synergy for Informed ChangeNPS Acquisition Research Program2016-05-01
Volume II: Acquisition Research: Creating Synergy for Informed ChangeNPS Acquisition Research Program2016-05-01
Acquiring Technical Data With Renewable Real OptionsMichael McGrath, Chris Prather2016-05-01
Incorporation of Outcome-Based Contract Requirements in a Real Options Approach for Maintenance PlanningXin Lei, Navid Goudarzi, Amir Reza Kashani Pour, Peter Sandborn2016-05-01
Measuring the Return on Investment and Real Option Value of Weather Sensor Bundles for Air Force Unmanned Aerial VehiclesThomas Housel, Johnathan Mun, David Ford, Sandra Hom, Dave Harris, Matt Cornachio2016-05-01
Rethinking the Systems Engineering Process in Light of Design ThinkingRonald Giachetti, Clifford Whitcomb2016-05-01
Content Analysis in Systems Engineering Acquisition ActivitiesKaren Holness2016-05-01
Update on the Department of the Navy Systems Engineering Career Competency ModelClifford Whitcomb, Rabia Khan, Dana Grambow, Jessica Delgado, Jos2016-05-01
Acquisition Cycle Time: Defining the ProblemDavid Tate2016-05-01
Schedule AnalyticsJennifer Manring, Thomas Fugate2016-05-01
Toward Realistic Acquisition Schedule Estimates Raymond Franck, Gregory Hildebrandt, Bernard Udis2016-05-01
Consequences of BBPGregory Davis, Lawrence Goeller, Stanley Horowitz2016-05-01
Further Evidence on the Effect of Acquisition Policy and Process on Cost GrowthDavid McNicol, David Tate2016-05-01
Preparing to Be WrongPrashant Patel, Michael Fischerkeller2016-05-01
Achieving Better Buying Power for Mobile Open Architecture Software Systems Through Diverse Acquisition ScenariosWalt Scacchi, Thomas Alspaugh2016-05-01
Architecting Out Software Intellectual Property Lock-In: A Method to Advance the Efficacy of BBPChris Berardi, Bruce Cameron, Dan Sturtevant, Carliss Baldwin, Ed Crawley2016-05-01
Navy Mobile Apps Acquisition: Doing It in Weeks, Not Months or YearsJacob Aplanalp, Emily Antos, Dave Driegert, Kevin Burnett, Kenneth Johnson2016-05-01
Mining for Gold: Developing and Implementing a Strategic Sourcing Prioritization Model for the United States Air ForceKaren Landale, Roger Westermeyer, John Sharkey, Rick Keller, Carl Parson, Michael Rankin, Justin Keeney 2016-05-01
An Economic Analysis of the Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA)Chong Wang, Rene Rendon, Crystal Champion, Meredith Ellen, Jenny Walk 2016-05-01
Freedom of Market Navigation Versus Duty of Economic Rescue: The U.S. Department of the NavyMax Kidalov2016-05-01
Issues With Access to Acquisition Data & Information in the Department of Defense: Policy & PracticeMegan McKernan, Jessie Riposo2016-05-01
Issues With Access to Acquisition Data and Information in the Department of Defense: Doing Data Right in Weapon System AcquisitionNancy Moore, Megan McKernan2016-05-01
The Cybersecurity Challenge in AcquisitionSonia Kaestner, Craig Arndt, Robin Dillon-Merrill2016-05-01
Improving Security in Software Acquisition and Runtime Integration With Data Retention SpecificationsDaniel Smullen, Travis Breaux2016-05-01
Cybersecurity Figure of MeritBrian Erickson2016-05-01
Federal Research and Development Contract Trends and the Supporting Industrial Base, 2000Andrew Hunter, Gregory Sanders, Jesse Ellman, Kaitlyn Johnson2016-05-01
Identifying and Mitigating the Impact of the Budget Control Act on High Risk Sectors and Tiers of the Defense Industrial Base: Assessment Approach to Industrial Base RisksLirio Avil2016-05-01
Performance-Based Logistics: Examining the Successes and Challenges When Operating in Stressful EnvironmentsWilliam Lucyshyn, John Rigilano, Darya Safai2016-05-01
Effective PBLs Through Simultaneous Optimization and Simulation of Maintenance, Manpower, and Spare PartsJustin Woulfe, Samantha Alpert2016-05-01
Future Contracting for AvailabilityLou Kratz, Bradd Buckingham2016-05-01
Blockmodeling and the Estimation of Evolutionary Architectural Growth in Major Defense Acquisition ProgramsMatthew Dabkowski, Ricardo Valerdi2016-05-01
An Assessment of Early Competitive Prototyping for Major Defense Acquisition ProgramsWilliam Fast2016-05-01
The Sixth-Generation QuandaryRaymond Franck, Bernard Udis2016-05-01
Acquisition in a World of Joint Capabilities: Methods for Understanding Cross-Organizational Network PerformanceMary M. Brown, Zachary Mohr2016-05-01
Modeling Uncertainty and Its Implications in Complex Interdependent NetworksAnita Raja, Mohammad Rashedul Hasan, Robert Flowe, Brendan Fernes2016-05-01
An Optimization-Based Approach to Determine System Requirements Under Multiple Domain-Specific UncertaintiesParithi Govindaraju, Navindran Davendralingam, William A. Crossley2016-05-01
Defense Modernization Plans Through the 2020s: Addressing the Bow WaveTodd Harrison2016-05-01
Speed and Agility: How Defense Acquisition Can Enable InnovationPeter Modigliani2016-05-01
Contract Design, Supply Chain Complexity, and Accountability in Federal ContractsAdam Eckerd, Amanda Girth2016-05-01
An Approach for Modeling Supplier ResilienceKash Barker, Jose Emmanuel Ramirez-Marquez, Seyedmohsen Hosseini2016-05-01
Antecedents and Consequences of Supplier Performance Evaluation EfficacyTimothy Hawkins, Michael Gravier2016-05-01
Complex System Governance for AcquisitionJoseph Bradley, Polinpapilinho Katina, Charles Keating 2016-05-01
Acquisition Program Teamwork and Performance Seen Anew: Exposing the Interplay of Architecture and Behaviors in Complex Defense ProgramsEric Rebentisch, Bryan Moser, John Dickmann2016-05-01

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