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The Cost of Commonality: Assessing Value in Joint ProgramsRustin Jessup, Jamal Williams2015-12-01
Analysis of Air Force Office of Special Investigations Agents' Knowledge of the Contract Management ProcessJohn Menanno & Mark George2015-12-01
Analysis of the 918th Contracting Battalion and 410th Contracting Support Brigade Utilizing the Contract Management Maturity ModelZach Valentine, Gary Croston2015-12-01
The Navy's Superior Supplier Incentives Program: Analysis of Supplier Proposed BenefitsDon Lee, Lupei Chou2015-12-01
Relationship of Source Selection Methods to Contract Outcomes: an Analysis of Air Force Source SelectionJacques Lamoureux, Michael Murrow, Clinton Walls 2015-12-01
Economic Value of Army Foreign Military SalesBrandon Pye, James Allen, Scott Bailey2015-12-01
Analysis of Source Selection Methods and Performance Outcomes: Lowest Price Technically Acceptable vs. Tradeoff in Air Force AcquisitionsRebecca Ban, Brett Barnes, Matthew Comer2015-12-01
Persistent PlatformsIra Lewis2015-09-01
Analysis of Capabilities of Organizations in the Areas of Responsibility for U.S. Commands of the United States Navy to Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster ReliefAruna Apte, Bryan Hudgens2015-09-01
Benchmarking Naval Shipbuilding with 3D Laser Scanning, Additive Manufacturing, and Collaborative Product Lifecycle ManagementTom Housel, David Ford, Johnathan Mun and Sandra Hom2015-09-01
Lexical Link Analysis (LLA) Application: Improving Web Service to Defense Acquisition Visibility EnvironmentDr. Ying Zhao, Dr. Douglas J. MacKinnon, Dr. Shelley P. Gallup2015-09-01
Big Data Analysis of Contractor Performance for Services Acquisition in DoD: A Proof of ConceptRene G. Rendon, Uday Apte, Mike Dixon2015-09-01
Independent Research and Development (IR&D): the Challenges Continue Jacques S. Gansler2015-09-01
Avoiding Terminations, Single Offer Competition, and Costly Changes with Fixed-Price ContractsAndrew Hunter, Gregory Sanders, Alexander Lobkovsky Meitiv, Rhys McCormick, Maura McQuade, Guy Nzeribe2015-08-01
Measuring the Success of Acquisition Reform by Major DoD ComponentsAndrew Hunter, Greg Sanders, Rhys McCormick, Samantha Cohen, Maura Rose McQuade2015-08-01
Analysis of Defense Products Contract Trends, 1990-2014Andrew Hunter, Gregory Sanders, Jesse Ellman, Jacob Bell2015-08-01
Competition and Bidding Data as an Indicator of the Health of the U.S. Defense Industrial BaseAndrew Hunter, Gregory Sanders, Jesse Ellman, Samantha Cohen2015-08-01
United States Navy Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) Costs: A Preliminary StudyAruna Apte, Keenan Yoho2015-08-01
Acquisition Risks in a World of Joint Capabilities: Evaluating Complex ConfigurationsMary Maureen Brown2015-07-01
Analysis of Contract Source Selection StrategyJatan Bastola, Kenneth Findley, Nathan Woodward2015-07-01
Towards Rapid Re-Certification Using Formal AnalysisDaniel Smullen, Travis Breaux2015-07-01
System Dynamics and Management Science Approaches Toward Increasing Acquisition Process EfficiencyJochim Block, Heinrich Buch, Bo Hu, Armin Leopold, Stefan Pickl2015-06-01
Leveraging Structural Characteristics of Interdependent Networks to Model Non-linear Cascading Characteristics Anita Raja2015-06-01
Improved Acquisition for System Sustainment: Availability-Based Importance Framework for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul AcquisitionKash Barker2015-06-01
Applying a System-of-Systems Engineering Perspective to Current and Future Army AcquisitionsChike Robertson2015-06-01
Overcoming the Barriers of Civil/Military Industrial Integration and of Buying Commercial Goods and ServicesJacques Gansler2015-05-01
Achieving Procurement Efficiencies in a Budget-Constrained EnvironmentDarryl Scott2015-05-01
Better Buying Power 3.0Frank Kendall2015-05-01
Independent Research & Development: The Challenges ContinueWilliam Lucyschyn2015-05-01
Evidence on the Effect of DoD Acquisition Policy and Process on Cost Growth of Major Defense Acquisition ProgramsDavid McNicol2015-05-01
Measuring the Success of Acquisition Reform by Major DoD ComponentsAndrew Hunter2015-05-01
The Experience of Strategic Thinking in a Volatile, Complex, Uncertain & Ambiguous (VUCA) EnvironmentDale Moore2015-05-01
Enhancing Critical Thinking through Creation of Learning Organizations within the Confines of an Overarching Mechanistic OrganizationDavid Riel2015-05-01
Acquisition Program Lead Systems Integration /Lead Capabilities Integration Decision Support Methodology and ToolTheodore Delbo2015-05-01
Using Open Systems Architecture to Revolutionize Capability AcquisitionNicholas Guertin2015-05-01
The Making of a Government LSI-From Warfare Capability to Operational SystemRon Carlson2015-05-01
A Framework to Determine New System Requirements Under Design Parameter & Demand UncertaintiesWilliam Crossley2015-05-01
Opportunities to Streamline DoD Milestone Review ProcessCheryl Andrew2015-05-01
Importance of Establishing a Sound, Executable Business CaseTravis Masters2015-05-01
DEFENSE ACQUISITIONS Assessments of Selected Weapon ProgramsKris Keener2015-05-01
Engineering the Business of Defense Acquisition: An Analysis of Program Office ProcessesCharles Pickar2015-05-01
Building Excellence in Project Execution Integrated Project ManagementJamie Schlosser2015-05-01
Integrating Cybersecurity into the Program Management OrganizationErin Schultz2015-05-01
Make or Buy: Cost Impacts of Additive Manufacturing, 3D Laser Scanning Technology, and Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management on Ship Maintenance and ModernizationDavid Ford 2015-05-01
A Real Options Approach to Quantity and Cost Optimization for Lifetime and Bridge Buys of PartsPeter Sandborn2015-05-01
Reforming the Defense Acquisition System: This Time Must Be Different!Jacques Gansler2015-05-01
Swedish Defence Acquisition Transformation A Research AgendaThomas Ekstr2015-05-01
Acquisition Reform: Three Big IdeasRoy Wood2015-05-01

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