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Acquisition in a World of Joint Capabilities: Methods for Understanding Cross-Organizational Network PerformanceMary M. Brown, Zachary Mohr2016-05-01
An Optimization-Based Approach to Determine System Requirements under Multiple Domain-Specific UncertaintiesParithi Govindaraju, Navindran Davendralingam, William Crossley 2016-05-01
The State of Defense Acquisition, 2015Andrew Hunter2016-05-01
Defense Modernization Plans Through the 2020s: Addressing the Bow WaveTodd Harrison2016-05-01
Speed and Agility: How Defense Acquisition Can Enable InnovationPeter Modigliani2016-05-01
Trends in the DoD Industrial BaseNancy Moore, Clifford Grammich, Judith Mele2016-05-01
Antecedents And Consequences Of Supplier Performance Evaluation Efficacy Tim Hawkins, Michael Gravier2016-05-01
An Approach for Modeling Supplier ResilienceKash Barker, Jose Emmanuel Ramirez-Marquez, Seyedmohsen Hosseini2016-05-01
Contract Design, Supply Chain Complexity, and Accountability in Federal ContractsAdam Eckerd, Amanda Girth2016-05-01
A Complex Systems Perspective of Risk Mitigation and Modeling in Development and Acquisition ProgramsRoshanak Nilchiani, Antonio Pugliese2016-05-01
Acquisition Program Teamwork and Performance Seen Anew: Exposing the Interplay of Architecture and Behaviors in Complex Defense Programs Eric Rebentisch, Bryan Moser, John Dickmann2016-05-01
A Complex Systems Perspective of Risk Mitigation and Modeling in Development and Acquisition ProgramsJoseph Bradley, Polinpapilinho Katina, Charles Keating 2016-05-01
Materials Testing and Cost Modeling for Composite Parts Through Additive ManufacturingEric Holm, Vhance Valencia, Alfred Thal, Jason Freels, Adedeji Badiru2016-05-01
Benchmarking Naval Shipbuilding with 3D Laser Scanning, Additive Manufacturing, and Collaborative Product Lifecycle ManagementThomas Housel, David Ford, Johnathan Mun, Sandra Hom2016-05-01
Costing for the Future: Exploring Cost Estimation With Unmanned Autonomous SystemsRicardo Valerdi, Thomas Ryan2016-05-01
Costing Future Complex and Novel ProjectsMichael Pryce2016-05-01
Controlling Costs: The 6-3-5 MethodBruce Nagy, Morgan Ames2016-05-01
Assessment of Navy Contract Management ProcessesRene Rendon2016-05-01
Organization Analytics: Taking Cost-per Dollar Obligated (CPDO) Measures to the Next Level in Defense ContractingTim Reed, James Keller, John Fallon2016-05-01
Designing and Managing Successful International Joint Development ProgramsAndrew Hunter, Gregory Sanders, Samantha Cohen2016-05-01
Knowledge, Experience, and Training in Incentive Contracting for the Department of DefenseKevin Carman, Randall Gibson2016-05-01
Learning in the Shadows: A Retrospective ViewDonna Kinnear-Seligman2016-05-01
Big Data Analysis of Contractor Performance Information for Services Acquisition in DoD: A Proof of ConceptUday Apte, Rene Rendon2016-05-01
The Role of Inflation and Price Escalation Adjustments in Properly Estimating Program Costs: F-35 Case Study Bruce Harmon, Stanley Horowitz2016-05-01
The Impact of Learning Curve Model Selection and Criteria for Cost Estimation Accuracy in the DoD Candice Honious, Brandon Johnson2016-05-01
Cost and Price CollaborationVenkat Rao, David Holm, Patrick Watkins2016-05-01
Improving Project Management of Complex or Major SystemsMartin Brown, Ginny Wydler, Charles Pickar2016-05-01
Program Affordability TradeoffsBrian Schmidt, Josie Sterling, Patricia Salamone, Ginny Wydler2016-05-01
Squaring the Project Management Circle: Updating the Cost, Schedule, and Performance MethodologyCharles Pickar2016-05-01
Conceptual Framework for Adaptive Project Management in the DoDMartin Brown2016-05-01
Reducing Risk in DoD Software-Intensive Systems DevelopmentBrad Naegle2016-03-01
Understanding Complexity and Self-Organization in a Defense Program Management Organization (Experimental Design)Raymond Jones2016-03-01
Assessment of Navy Contract Management ProcessesDr. Rene G. Rendon2016-02-01
Achieving Better Buying Power through Acquisition of Open Architecture Software Systems for Web and Mobile DevicesDr. Walt Scacchi, Dr. Thomas A. Alspaugh2016-02-01
U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Procurement LessonsBart Philpott, Matt Weber2016-01-01
An Economic Analysis of the Truth in Negotiations ActsChong Wang, Rene Rendon2016-01-01
Make or Buy: An Analysis of the Impacts of 3D Printing Operations, 3D Laser Scanning Technology, and Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management on Ship Maintenance and Modernization Cost SavingsDavid Ford, Tom Housel, Johnathan Mun, Sandra Hom2016-01-01
The Cost of Commonality: Assessing Value in Joint ProgramsRustin Jessup, Jamal Williams2015-12-01
Analysis of Air Force Office of Special Investigations Agents' Knowledge of the Contract Management ProcessJohn Menanno & Mark George2015-12-01
Analysis of the 918th Contracting Battalion and 410th Contracting Support Brigade Utilizing the Contract Management Maturity ModelZach Valentine, Gary Croston2015-12-01
The Navy's Superior Supplier Incentives Program: Analysis of Supplier Proposed BenefitsDon Lee, Lupei Chou2015-12-01
Relationship of Source Selection Methods to Contract Outcomes: an Analysis of Air Force Source SelectionJacques Lamoureux, Michael Murrow, Clinton Walls 2015-12-01
Economic Value of Army Foreign Military SalesBrandon Pye, James Allen, Scott Bailey2015-12-01
Analysis of Source Selection Methods and Performance Outcomes: Lowest Price Technically Acceptable vs. Tradeoff in Air Force AcquisitionsRebecca Ban, Brett Barnes, Matthew Comer2015-12-01
Achieving Better Buying Power through Acquisition of Open Architecture Software Systems, Volume IDr. Walt Scacchi, Dr. Thomas A. Alspaugh2015-12-01
Achieving Better Buying Power through Acquisition of Open Architecture Software Systems, Volume IIDr. Walt Scacchi, Dr. Thomas A. Alspaugh2015-12-01
A Real Options Approach to Quantity and Cost Optimization for Lifetime and Bridge Buys of PartsPeter Sandborn, Navid Goudarzi2015-12-01
A Business Process Analysis of the Surface NavyDonald S. Northrup2015-12-01
Persistent PlatformsIra Lewis2015-09-01
Analysis of Capabilities of Organizations in the Areas of Responsibility for U.S. Commands of the United States Navy to Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster ReliefAruna Apte, Bryan Hudgens2015-09-01

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