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Performance-Based Services AcquisitionJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, and Christopher Vorhis2011-02-01
Innovations in Defense Acquisition: Asymmetric Information, Mechanism Design and Prediction MarketsPeter Coughlan, William Gates, Jeremy Arkes2011-02-01
Analysis, Design, and Prototyping of Accounting Software for Navy Signal Intelligence Collection Systems Return on Investment ReportingCharles C. Spivey III, James M. Torres2011-01-01
Analysis of Contract Management Processes at Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)La-Hesh A. Graham, Alexander D. Wallace III, Scott Lewis2011-01-01
Demographics of the Contracting Workforce within the Army Contracting CommandDavid V. Lamm, Timothy Reed2010-12-01
An Analysis of Rapid Technology Transfer Solutions and Best Practices for Use by the Department of DefenseDennis R. Holden2010-12-01
The Art of the Deal: How Can the Air Force Successfully Execute Renewable Energy Transactions?Robert P. Goeke, Christopher M. VanZoest2010-12-01
Determinants of Services Sourcing PerformanceWilliam Muir2010-12-01
Assessment on How Much DoD Information Technology Testing is EnoughKelvin L. Graves2010-12-01
Cross-Country Evidence on the Impact of Shifting Economic and Strategic Landscapes on the Global Defense Industrial BaseNayantara Hensel2010-11-01
The Evaluation of HOMER as a Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Pre-deployment ToolBrandon Newell2010-11-01
Information Technology Portfolio Management Proof of Concept: Modern Portfolio Theory with KVA and ROI AnalysisMarco Nelson2010-11-01
Analysis of Contemporary Contingency Contracting Educational ResourcesDean E. Allen, Vinson B. Morris, Martin P. Plys2010-11-01
Army Contracting Command Workforce Model AnalysisTimothy Reed2010-10-01
Towards Real-Time Program Awareness via Lexical Link AnalysisYing Zhao, Shelley Gallup, Douglas J. MacKinnon2010-10-01
Research on System-of-Systems AcquisitionJohn S. Osmundson, Thomas V. Huynh, Rene G. Rendon2010-09-01
Improving Government Procurement: Lessons from the Coast GuardTrevor Brown, David Van Slyke, Matthew Potoski2010-09-01
Systems Engineering Applied Leading Indicators: Enabling Assessment of Acquisition Technical Performance Paul Montgomery, Ron Carlson2010-09-01
Product Lifecycle Management: A Collaborative Tool for Defense AcquisitionChristopher M. Schindler2010-09-01
A New Approach to GovernmentsJay Simon, Francois Melese2010-09-01
Understanding and Mitigating Protests of Department of Defense Acquisition ContractsSteven M. Maser and G. Frederick Thompson2010-08-01
A New Paradigm to Address Bid ProtestsDr. Francois Melese, Dr. Diana Angelis, Dr. Peter Coughlan, Dr. Raymond Franck, Dr. William Gates, Dr. Max Kidalov, Dr. C.J. LaCivita2010-08-01
Joint Effects-based Contracting and "Phase - "0" OperationsE. Cory Yoder2010-08-01
System Dynamics Modeling for Improved Knowledge Value Assessment: A Proof of Concept StudyDavid N. Ford, Thomas J. Housel, John T. Dillard2010-08-01
Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Comparison of Acquisition Management Practices in Army, Navy, and Air ForceAruna Apte, Uday M. Apte, Rene G. Rendon 2010-08-01
The Effect of the Nunn-McCurdy Amendment on Unit Cost Growth of Defense Acquisition ProjectsJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, and Adam Spiers2010-07-01
Logistics and Maintenance Options to Support the P-8A PoseidonBernard Calamug, James Trout2010-07-01
Analysis of Implementing Lifetime Energy Cost, Including Fully Burdened Cost of Fuel and Energy Footprints of Contractors, as Mandatory Decision Factors in Navy AcquisitionDouglas Murphy, Christopher Wilson2010-07-01
Defense Acquisition Workforce ModernizationJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, and Michael Arendt2010-07-01
System Earned Readiness Management for Defense AcquisitionBrian J. Sauser, Jose E. Ramirez-Marquez2010-06-01
US Army Contingency Contracting Officer Proficiency Assessment Test DevelopmentJuan Arzu, Beire Castro, Brian Mack2010-06-01
An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the U.S. NavyEric Dieges, John Meyer, Matthew Shaw2010-06-01
Assessment of Army Contracting CommandRene G. Rendon2010-06-01
Contractors on the Battlefield: Resolving the Remaining Policy IssuesRichard L. Dunn2010-05-01
Integrating Cellular Handset Capabilities with Marine Corps Tactical CommunicationsJoshua Dixon2010-05-01
The Remanufacturing Process of Defense Assets with Stochastic YieldGeraldo Ferrer2010-05-01
Batteries on the Battlefield: Estimating the Fully Burdened Cost of Batteries in the DoD Anthony Hughley, Troy Kiper, Mark McClellan2010-05-01
Bid Protests: Considerations for Prevention & ResolutionLenn Vincent2010-05-01
The Bid Protest Mechanism: Effectiveness and Fairness in Defense Acquisitions?Steven Maser, Fred Thompson, Vladimir Svubbotin2010-05-01
Split Awards & Bid Protests in AcquisitionPeter J. Coughlan, William Gates2010-05-01
Better Acquisition Management Through ADR and Other Best Practices for Preventing and Resolving Bid ProtestsMax Kidalov, Diana Angelis, Benjamin Sheinman, Paul Benishek2010-05-01
An information-theoretic approach to software test-retest problemsKarl D. Pfeiffer, Valery A. Kanevsky, Thomas J. Housel2010-05-01
The Rapid Integration and Test Environment - A Process for Achieving Software Test Acceptance Rick Jack2010-05-01
Improved Software Testing for Open ArchitectureValdis Berzins2010-05-01
Illustrating the CONOPs Continuum and its Relationship to the Acquisition LifecycleJaime Frittman & Robert Edson2010-05-01
The Illusion of CertaintyGrady Campbell2010-05-01
Program-Awareness via Lexical Link Analysis (LLA)Ying Zhao, Dr. Shelley P. Gallup, Dr. Douglas J. MacKinnon2010-05-01
Satisfying Requirements While Achieving Life-Cycle Cost GoalsKathleen M. Dussault2010-05-01
Some Insights And Observations From NDBI Studies: Program Controls and OversightJ. David Patterson2010-05-01
Achieving Life Cycle CapabilityLou Kratz2010-05-01

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