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ACQUISITION OF MINE-RESISTANT, AMBUSH-PROTECTED (MRAP) VEHICLES: A CASE STUDY Jacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, William Varettoni2010-05-01
The Correct Use of Subject Matter Experts in Cost Risk AnalysisRichard L. Coleman, Peter J. Braxton, Eric R. Druker, Bethia L. Cullis 2010-05-01
Addressing Cost Increases in Evolutionary AcquisitionDoug Bodner, Farhana Rahman and Bill Rouse2010-05-01
ItRob Tremaine, Donna Seligman2010-05-01
National Security Acquisition ChallengesJacques S. Gansler2010-05-01
Defense Acquisition: An Industry ViewRobert H. Trice2010-05-01
Five Ways to Improve ProcurementSteve Kelman2010-05-01
Comparing Acquisitions Strategies: Open Architecture vs. Product LinesNickolas Guertin 2010-05-01
The Challenge of Heterogeneously Licensed Systems in Open Architecture Software EcosystemsThomas A. Alspaugh, Walt Scacchi2010-05-01
Exploring Acquisition Strategies for a Software Product LineJohn Bergey, Larry Jones2010-05-01
The Effect of the Nunn-McCurdy Amendment on Unit Cost Growth of Defense Acquisition ProjectsJacques S. Gansler2010-05-01
An Assessment of Acquisition Outcomes and Potential Impact of Legislative and Policy ChangesMichael J. Sullivan2010-05-01
Cost and time overruns in Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs) David Berteau2010-05-01
Cost-Benefit Study of a Project to Lower Cost and Improve Readiness Through Integrating the Management of Technical InformationDan Levine2010-05-01
Queues in Acquisition, Or, donBill Wiltschko2010-05-01
Modeling, Simulation, & Analysis: Enabling Early Acquisition DecisionsFred Hartman2010-05-01
A Model for Determining Optimal Governance Structure in DOD Acquisition Projects in a Performance-Based EnvironmentDavid Berkowitz, James Simpson, Tom Kallam, Greg Gundlach, Josh Jones2010-05-01
A Simulation Model For Setting Terms For Performance Based Contracts Betty Jester, James C. Ferguson, Marie Bussiere, Manbir Sodhi2010-05-01
Contractor Incentives for Success in Implementing Performance-Based Logistics: A Progress ReportJatinder (Jeet) N. D. Gupta2010-05-01
Ontology-based Software Reuse RepositoryJean Johnson 2010-05-01
Enabling Software Acquisition Improvement: Government and Industry Software development TeamsJoe Heil2010-05-01
On Open and Collaborative Software Development in the DoDScott Hissam2010-05-01
Will the Twain Ever Meet? Military Run Requirements vs. Civilian Run AcquisitionIrv Blickstein, Charles P. Nemfakos2010-05-01
Dollar Value and Risk LevelsRobert Murphy, John Birkler2010-05-01
Business Testing = BT; Test and Evaluation Methodology for Business SystemsKeith E. Seaman2010-05-01
AFOTEC: Cyberspace TestingJeff Olinger2010-05-01
Test and Evaluation for Agile Information TechnologiesSteven Hutchison 2010-05-01
Defense Information Technology: An Integrated T&E Model Darlene Mosser-Kerner2010-05-01
Acquisition Changes-- and ChallengesLieutenant General Thomas J. Owen, US Air Force2010-05-01
The Economic Returns of U.S. ShipbuildingNicholas A. Meyers2010-05-01
Military Cost-Benefit Analysis: A Multi-Attribute Three-Stage Procurement ModelFrancois Melese, Jay Simon 2010-05-01
When More is Better-Design Principles for Prediction Markets in Defense Acquisition Cost ForecastingRicardo Valerdi, Matthew Potoski, Taroon Aggarwal2010-05-01
Prediction Markets for Defense Acquisition: The Devil is in the DetailsBill Gates, Pete Coughlan, Noah Myung, Jeremy Arkes2010-05-01
Innovation in Defense Acquisition Oversight: An Exploration of the AT&L Acquisition Visibility SOA Robert M. Flowe, Russell Vogel2010-05-01
Meaningful Cost-benefit analysis for SOA projectsLloyd Brodsky2010-05-01
Management and Optimization of a Military Car PoolStefan Pickl2010-05-01
Strengthening the Industrial Base Michael McGrath2010-05-01
An Annotated Brief: The Defense Budget and Defense Industry FinanceDavid J. Berteau2010-05-01
U.S. Export Controls and Technology Transfer Requirements David Moore, Stuart Young, Pete Ito, Kevin Burgess, Peter Antill2010-05-01
Global Cooperation and Competition in the Defense and Aerospace IndustriesRaymond Franck, Ira Lewis, Bernard Udis 2010-05-01
Acquisition Risks in a World of Joint CapabilitiesMary Maureen Brown, Anita Raja, Robert Flowe2010-05-01
A Technique for Evaluating Complex System of Systems DesignsStephen Blanchette, Jr., Steven Crosson2010-05-01
System Development and Risk Propagation in Systems-of-SystemsMuharrem Mane, Daniel DeLaurentis2010-05-01
The Impact of Globalization and Shifting Defense Priorities on the Defense Industrial BaseNayantara Hensel2010-05-01
Managing Services Procurement in DoDJeffrey Parsons2010-05-01
The Changing Face of Procurement Policy An innovative approach to competing requirementsBrian Johnson2010-05-01
Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Comparison of Acquisition Management Practices in Army, Navy, and Air ForceAruna Apte, Uday Apte and Rene Rendon2010-05-01
PM Model of the Future Source Selection, Risk Management, Contract AdministrationJacob Kashiwagi2010-05-01
Panel 21: Innovations in DoD Acquisition PolicyJohn T. Dillard2010-05-01
Improving Defense Acquisition Processes with Evidenced-Based Analysis: An illustrative case using the DOD SBIR program Toby Edison 2010-05-01

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