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Improving Defense Acquisition Decision MakingBill Fast2010-05-01
US Space Acquisition: Is the US Loosing the Race?Barry M Borst, Shahram Sarkani, Thomas Mazucchi2010-05-01
Systems Engineering Applied Leading Indicators: Enabling Assessment of Acquisition Technical PerformancePaul Montgomery, Ron Carlson2010-05-01
Funding for Life: When to Spend the Acquisition PotKate Gill, Kirsty Carter Brown2010-05-01
System Capability Satisficing in Defense Acquisition via Component Importance MeasuresDr. Brian Sauser, Dr. Jose Ramirez-Marquez, Weiping Tan, Romulo Magnaye, Dr. David Nowicki and Dr. Abhijit Deshmukh2010-05-01
Using Knowledge Value Analysis and Real Options Analysis to Improve DoD Acquisition Planning and Management Jimmy D. Smith2010-05-01
System Dynamics Modeling for Improved Knowledge Value Assessment: A Proof of Concept StudyDavid Ford, Thomas Housel, John Dillard 2010-05-01
Advanced Capability Builds for Aegis: Stochastic Portfolio Optimization (Selection and Prioritization), Risk Simulation, KVA, and Strategic Real Options Johnathan Mun, Thomas Housel, Mark Wessman 2010-05-01
Determining the Optimal Staffing Level for the Acquisition Workforce: Different Models in Different Services Yield Different Results Tim Reed2010-05-01
Compensation, Culture & Contracts: The Blended DoD Acquisition WorkforceKathlyn H. Loudin2010-05-01
Industry Perceptions of Department of Defense Program Manager CompetenciesRoy L. Wood2010-05-01
Managing the Risks of Contracting for Comples ContractsTrevor L. Brown, Matthew Potoski, and David M. Van Slyke2010-05-01
Systems of Systems Acquisition: System-of-Systems Systems Engineering and Contracting Processes and StructuresThomas Huynh, John Osmundson, Rene Rendon2010-05-01
Creation of a System of Systems Portfolio Management and Technology Selection MethodologyRich Volkert, Tom Sondi, Lance Harper, Carly Jackson, Art Van Nostrand, Peter Gentile, Kenneth Michaud 2010-05-01
Cost Management in a Tactical Environment: A Case Study of the 316th Expeditionary Support Command (ESC) in Iraq, 2007-2008Matthew Mixa, Michael Williams2010-05-01
Analysis of Vessels and Acquisition Methods Utilized to Support Maritime Irregular WarfareWilliam Clark, Justin Bummara, Christopher Kelley2010-05-01
An Economic Analysis of Investment in the United States Shipbuilding IndustryNicholas Meyers2010-05-01
US Navy Ships Food Service Divisions: Modernizing Inventory ManagementStefan Edwards, Robert James2010-05-01
Lifecycle Information of Aircraft Engine MaintenanceGeraldo Ferrer, Aruna Apte2010-04-01
Global Cooperation and Competition in the Defense and Aerospace IndustriesRaymond Franck, Bernard Udis, Ira Lewis2010-04-01
Proceedings of the 7th Annual Acquisition Research Symposium; Wednesday, Volume INPS Acquisition Research Program2010-04-01
Proceedings of the 7th Annual Acquisition Research Symposium; Thursday, Volume IINPS Acquisition Research Program2010-04-01
A Model for Determining Optimal Governance Structure in DoD Acquisition Projects in a Performance-Based Environment David Berkowitz2010-04-01
Cost and Time Overruns in Major Defense Acquisition Programs David Berteau, Joachim Hofbauer, Gregory Sanders, Guy Ben Ari2010-04-01
Improved Software Testing for Open Architecture Valdis Berzins, Paul Dailey2010-04-01
Goldwater-Nichols: Military-run versus Civilian-run Acquisition: Will the Twain Ever Meet in the DoN?Irv Blickstein, Charles P. Nemfakos2010-04-01
Addressing Cost Increases in Evolutionary AcquisitionDouglas A. Bodner, Farhana Rahman, Bill Rouse2010-04-01
The Illusion of CertaintyGrady Campbell2010-04-01
The Correct Use of Subject Matter Experts in Cost Risk AnalysisRichard L. Coleman, Peter J. Braxton, Eric R. Druker2010-04-01
Illustrating the Concept of Operations (CONOPs) Continuum and Its Relationship to the Acquisition LifecycleRobert Edson, Jaime Frittman2010-04-01
Comparing Acquisition Strategies: Open Architecture versus Product LinesNicholas Guertin, Paul Clements2010-04-01
Contractor Incentives for Success in Implementing Performance-Based Logistics: A Progress ReportJatinder (Jeet) N.D. Gupta, Michael C. Eagan, Joshua N. Jones, James C. Piatt2010-04-01
Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis: Enabling Early Acquisition DecisionsFred Hartman2010-04-01
Enabling Software Acquisition Improvement: Government and Industry Software Development Team Acquisition ModelJoe Heil2010-04-01
On Open and Collaborative Software Development in the DoDScott Hissam, Charles B. Weinstock, Len Bass2010-04-01
Test and Evaluation at the Speed of NeedSteven J. Hutchison2010-04-01
A Simulation Model for Setting Terms for Performance Based Contract TermsBetter Jester, James C. Ferguson, Marie E. Bussiere, Manbir Sodhi2010-04-01
Ontology-based Software Repository SystemJean M. Johnson2010-04-01
Exploring Acquisition Strategies for Adopting a Software Product LineLawrence Jones, John Bergey2010-04-01
Achieving Life Cycle Capability: Ensuring Capability for Today and TomorrowLou Kratz, Bradd A. Buckingham2010-04-01
Cost-Benefit Study of a Project to Lower Cost and Improve Fleet Readiness through Integrating the Management of Technical InformationDan Levine2010-04-01
The Rapid Integration and Test Environment: A Process for Achieving Software Test AcceptancePatrick V. Mack2010-04-01
Risk Factors versus Dollar Value: Changing How Weapon System Programs are ManagedRobert Murphy2010-04-01
The Challenge of Heterogeneously Licensed Systems in Open Architecture Software EcosystemsWalt Scacchi, Thomas Alspaugh2010-04-01
ItRobert Tremaine, Donna Seligman2010-04-01
Queues in AcquisitionWilliam Wiltschko2010-04-01
Towards Real-time Program Awareness via Lexical Link Analysis Ying Zhao, Shelley Gallup, Doug MacKinnon2010-04-01
When More is Better: Design Principles for Prediction Markets in Defense Acquisition Cost ForecastingTaroon Aggarwal, Ricardo Valerdi, Matthew Potoski2010-04-01
Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Comparison and Analysis of Acquisition Management in the Army, Navy, and Air ForceAruna Apte, Uday M. Apte, Rene G. Rendon2010-04-01
The Defense Budget and Defense Industry FinanceDavid Berteau, Roy Levy, Matthew Zlatnik2010-04-01

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