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A Technique for Evaluating Complex System of Systems DesignsStephen Blanchette Jr., Steven Crosson2010-04-01
US Space Acquisition Policy: A Decline in LeadershipBarry "Jay" Borst, Shahram Sarkani, Thomas Mazzuchi2010-04-01
Meaningful Cost-Benefit Analysis for Service-Oriented Architecture Projects Lloyd Brodsky2010-04-01
Improving Defense Acquisition Processes with Evidence-based Analysis: An Illustrative Case Using the DoD SBIR Program Toby Edison2010-04-01
Improving Defense Acquisition Decision-MakingWilliam R. Fast2010-04-01
Acquisition Risks in a World of Joint CapabilitiesMary Maureen Brown, Robert Flowe, Anita Raja2010-04-01
Integrating System Dynamics Modeling and Knowledge Value Added for Improved Analysis of Alternatives: A Proof of Concept StudyDavid Ford, Tom Housel, John T. Dillard2010-04-01
Funding for Life: When to Spend the Acquisition PotKate Gill, Kirsty Carter Brown2010-04-01
The Changing Face of Procurement PolicyBrian Johnson2010-04-01
Compensation, Culture and Contracts: The Realities of the DoDKathy Loudin2010-04-01
System Development and Risk Propagation in Systems-of-Systems Muharrem Mane, Daniel DeLaurentis2010-04-01
A Three Stage Multi-attribute Procurement Auction: A Proposal for Department of Defense (DoD) Vendor Selection Decisions Francois Melese, Jay Simon2010-04-01
General Services Administration Streamlines the Procurement of Construction ServicesJeffory Meyer, Stephanie Witt, Jacob Kashiwagi2010-04-01
An Economic Analysis of Investment in the United States Shipbuilding IndustryNicholas A. Meyers2010-04-01
Systems Engineering Applied Leading IndicatorsPaul Montgomery, Ron Carlson2010-04-01
US Export Controls and Technology Transfer RequirementsDavid M. Moore, Stuart Young, Pete Ito, Kevin Burgess, Peter Antill2010-04-01
PEO-IWS ACB Insertion Portfolio OptimizationJohnathan Mun, Tom Housel, Mark D. Wessman2010-04-01
Service-Oriented Architectures and Project Optimization for a Special Cost Management Problem Creating Synergies for Informed Change between Qualitative and Quantitative Strategic Management ProcessesStefan Pickl, Goran Mihelcic, Marco Schuler2010-04-01
Research on Systems-of-Systems Acquisition Rene G. Rendon, Thomas V. Huynh, John S. Osmundson2010-04-01
System Capability Satisficing in Defense Acquisition via Component Importance MeasuresBrian Sauser, Weiping Tan, Jose E. Ramirez-Marquez, Romulo B. Magnave, David Nowicki, Aghijit Deshmukh2010-04-01
Contracting for Complex ProductsDavid Van Slyke2010-04-01
Creation of a System of Systems Portfolio Management and Technology Selection MethodologyRichard Volkert, Carly Jackson, Peter Gentile, Lance Harper, Art Van Nostrand, Tom Sondi, Kenneth Michaud2010-04-01
Industry Perceptions of Department of Defense Program Manager CompetenciesRoy Wood2010-04-01
Small Business Contracting in America and Europe: A Comparison of ApproachesMax Kidalov2010-03-01
Investigating the Acquisition of Software Systems that Rely on Open Architecture and Open Source SoftwareWalt Scacchi, Thomas A. Alspaugh, and Hazel Asuncion2010-03-01
The Role of Trans-Atlantic Defense Alliances in a Globalizing WorldNayantara Hensel2010-03-01
Acquisition of Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected (MRAP) Vehicles: A Case StudyJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, William Varettoni2010-03-01
Performance, Award Fee and Costs Incentives during System Design and DevelopmentGregory Hildebrandt2010-03-01
Examining the Institutional Factors Affecting Cost Growth in Defense Acquisition: May Yield More Effective Policy InterventionsPhilip Candreva2010-02-01
Injecting New Ideas & New Approaches in Defense Systems: Are "Other Transactions" an Answer?Richard Dunn2010-02-01
Contract Management Process Maturity: Empirical Analysis of Organizational AssessmentsRene Rendon2010-02-01
Sourcing in the Air Force: An Optimization ApproachAruna Apte, Rene Rendon, Javier Salmeron2010-02-01
Bid Protests in the Defense Department: An Analysis of Recent TrendsJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, and Michael Arendt2010-02-01
United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) CONTRUCTION MANAGEMENT HANDBOOK December 2009Christopher Hearl2010-02-01
Developing a Modular Framework for Implementing a Semantic Search EngineBrian Hawkins, Craig Martell2010-02-01
Aerial Remote Radio Frequency Identification System for Small-vessel MonitoringJason Appler, Sean Finney, Michael McMellon2010-01-01
Innovations in Defense Acquisition: Asymmetric Information and Incentive Contract DesignPeter Coughlan, William Gates2010-01-01
An Analysis of the United States Naval Aviation Schedule Removal Component (SRC) Card ProcessAnthony Staffieri, William Gray, Eric Holsti2010-01-01
Assessment of Local, State and Federal Request Processes for Defense Support by Civil Authorities in the United StatesCharles Dunphy, Christophe Radel2010-01-01
The Economic Evaluation of AlternativesFrancois Melese2010-01-01
P-8A Poseidon Multi-mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) Software Maintenance Organization Concept AnalysisBrad Naegle, Diane Petross2010-01-01
Construction Management Module: Contingency Contracting Synergistic Approach Integrating Joint Capabilities for USSOCOMChristopher Hearl2010-01-01
Construction Management Module: Contingency Contracting Synergistic Approach Integrating Joint Capabilities for USSOCOMChristopher Hearl2010-01-01
Acquisition in USTRANSCOM: An Organizational AssessmentJohn Sykes, Shane Ross, Josh Frederick2009-12-01
Market Dominance, Efficiency, Innovation and Globalization: A Case Study of the Tanker Competition between Boeing and Northrop Grumman/EADSNayantara Hensel2009-12-01
An Analysis of the United States Marine Corps Family of Ballistic Protective Systems Acquisition StrategyJason Freeby2009-12-01
Standard Port-visit Cost Forecasting Model for US Navy Husbanding ContractsMichael Marquez, Richard Rayos, John Mercado2009-12-01
Cost Analysis of Utilizing Electric Vehicles and Photovoltaic Solar Energy in the United States Marine Corps Commercial FleetBilly Kelley, Kenneth McGraw, Jeremy Clevenger2009-12-01
Integrating Electronic Reverse Auctions into Defense Procurement: Exploratory Research on Opportunities, Issues, Processes, Risks and Cultural ImplicationsAdam Coyne, Michael Collins2009-12-01
Contract Management Process and Mentorship Analysis of United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Special Operations Acquisition and Logistics Directorate of Procurement (SOAL-K)Jason Good, Christopher Anglin2009-12-01

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