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Lease vs. Purchase Analysis of Alternative Fuel Vehicles in the United states Marine CorpsStephen Lebo, Robert Scott2009-12-01
Understanding Market Segments and Competition in the Private Military IndustryKen Curtis, Paul Marko, John Parma2009-12-01
Cost-benefit Analysis of the Department of the Navy Transition from C-9 Aircraft to C-40 Aircraft for Logistic Support OperationsMartin Cummins, Tony Wilborn2009-12-01
Prediction Markets: A Review with an Experimentally Based Recommendation for Navy Force-shaping ApplicationMichael Chinn, Leslie Huffman2009-12-01
Cost-benefit Analysis (CBA) of the Total Integrated Engine Revitalization (TIGER) Condition-based Overhaul (CBO) Process for the M1 Abrams AGT 1500 Turbine Engine at the Army Depot Level of MaintenanceMichael Fitzgerald, Corey Davis, Woo Youl Lee2009-12-01
Logistical Support Analysis for the Self-projected Adaptive Roller Kit (SPARK) SystemDerek Bird, Christopher Snipes, David Tompkins2009-11-01
Analysis of the Distribution of Vaccine Using Department of Defense Assets versus Contracts with Private-sector Delivery CompaniesJason Latta2009-11-01
Positioning the Reserve Headquarters Support (RHS) System for Multi-layered Enterprise UseDouglas Koch2009-09-01
Integration of Robotics and 3D Visulazation to Modernize the Expeditionary Warfare Demonstrator (EWD)Christian Fitzpatrick2009-09-01
Market Niches in the Private Military Sector: An Initial LookNick Dew, Brian Hudgens2009-09-01
Managing the Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Empirical Study of the Current Management Practices in the ArmyAruna Apte, Uday Apte, Rene Rendon2009-09-01
Transaction Costs from a Program ManagerDiane Angelis, Raymond Franck, John Dillard, Francois Melese2009-09-01
Requirements Framework for the Software Systems Safety Review Panel (SSSTRP)MAJ Joey Rivera, Luqi Luqi, Valdis Berzins2009-09-01
Driving Automated Open-Architecture Testing: An Operational Profile Model-development StrategyLuqi Luqi, Valdis Berzins and Paul Dailey2009-09-01
Reducing the Cost of Risk-based Testing: Management of Testing Options to Manage Risk in Test and EvaluationKarl D. Pfeiffer, Valery A. Kanevsky, Thomas J. Housel 2009-07-01
Analysis of Contract Management Processes at Fleet & Industrial Supply Centers (FISC) WorldwideRomeo Bautista, Carl Ward2009-06-01
The Stryker Mobile Gun System: A Case Study on Managing ComplexityChristian Ayers2009-06-01
Emerging Issues in the Acquisition of Open Source Software within the US Department of DefenseWalt Scacchi, Thomas Alspaugh2009-06-01
Mathematical Modeling for Risk-based System TestingKarl D. Pfeiffer, Valery A. Kanevsky, Thomas J. Housel 2009-06-01
Understanding the Requirements for Open Source SoftwareWalt Scacchi, Thomas Alspaugh 2009-06-01
Acquisition Reforms for the New Administration: Creating a 21st Century TransformationJacques S. Gansler2009-05-01
Cost Growth and Acquisition ReformNancy Spruill2009-05-01
The Economic Evaluation of Alternatives (EEoA)Francois Melese2009-05-01
Programmatic Complexity & Interdependence: Emerging Insights and Predictive Indicators of Development Resource DemandRobert Flowe2009-05-01
Networked Warfighter: "A Revolution in Military Affairs"Raymond D. Jones2009-05-01
Acquisition Management for Systems-of-Systems: Exploratory Model Development and ExperimentationDaniel DeLaurentis, Muharrem Mane2009-05-01
Ontology-based Solutions for Software ReuseJean Johnson, Curtis Blais2009-05-01
Semantic SearchCraig Martell, Paige Adams, Grant Gehrke, Ralucca Gera, Marco Draeger, Kevin Squire, Pranav Anand2009-05-01
Using A System Maturity Scale to Monitor and Evaluate the Development of SystemsBrian Sauser, Romulo Magnaye, Jose Ramirez-Marquez2009-05-01
Dynamic Multipoint Optimization Application to Corporate Portfolio Management Robert Cuellar, Brian Sauser2009-05-01
Implementation of a Methodology Supporting a Comprehensive System-of-systems Maturity Analysis for Use by the Littoral Combat Ship Mission Module Program Eric Forbes, Richard Volkert, Peter Gentile, Ken Michaud, Tom Sondi2009-05-01
Achieving Performance-based Lifecycle Management Louis Kratz, Bradd Buckingham2009-05-01
The Logistics Support Resource Strategy Map:John Dillard, David Ford2009-05-01
Testing Considerations for Reuse of Weapons System ComponentsMark Wessman2009-05-01
How to Check If It Is Safe Not To Retest a Component Valdis Berzins, Paul Dailey2009-05-01
Math Modeling for Risk-Based Testing: Information-driven Strategies to Reduce Cost and Improve ReliabilityKarl Pfeiffer, Valery Kanevsky, Thomas Housel2009-05-01
Trends in Acquisition WorkforceJeffrey P. Parsons2009-05-01
Managing the Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: An Empirical Study of Current Management Practices Aruna Apte, Uday Apte, Rene Rendon2009-05-01
Contract Management Process Maturity:Rene G. Rendon 2009-05-01
Demographics of the Army Contracting Command: An Analysis David Lamm, Timothy Reed2009-05-01
Innovative UK Approaches to Acquisition ManagementDavid Moore2009-05-01
Innovative UK Approaches to Acquisition ManagementStuart Young, Peter Ito2009-05-01
Implementing Open Architecture in Weapons System Development: Way Ahead PerspectivesWilliam Bray2009-05-01
Application of Model-based Systems Engineering John Mike Green2009-05-01
Software Licenses, Open Source Components, and Open ArchitecturesThomas Alspaugh, Hazeline Asuncion, Walt Scacchi2009-05-01
Examining the Institutional Factors Affecting Cost Growth in Defense Acquisition May Yield More Affective Policy InterventionsPhilip Candreva2009-05-01
An Assessment of DoD 2008 Major Acquisition Program PortfolioMichael J. Sullivan2009-05-01
"When Instructions Provide Too Much Flexibility, Establish Rules"David Patterson2009-05-01
The Role of Lead System IntegratorJacques Gansler, William Lucyshyn, Adam Spiers2009-05-01
Organizing for a Complex World:David J. Berteau2009-05-01

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