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Facilitating Decision-making, Re-use and Collaboration: A Knowledge Management Approach to Acquisition Program Self-awarenessJohn Robey, Chris Odell2009-04-01
Effective Programmatic Software Safety Strategy for US Navy Gun System Acquisition ProgramsJoey Rivera, Dr. Luqi, Valdis Berzins 2009-04-01
The Role of Trans-Atlantic Defense Alliances in a Globalizing WorldNayantara Hensel2009-04-01
Summary of: New Patterns of Collaboration and Rivalry in the US and European Defense and Aerospace IndustriesRaymond (Chip) Franck, Ira Lewis, Bernard Udis2009-04-01
Application of Real Options Theory to Software-intensive System AcquisitionsCapt Albert Olagbemiro, Man-Tak Shing, Johnathan Mun 2009-04-01
Modeling Open Architecture and Evolutionary Acquisition: Implementation Lessons from the ARCI Program for the Rapid Capability Insertion ProcessDavid N. Ford, John T. Dillard2009-04-01
Supply Chain Planning with Incremental Development, Modular Design, and Evolutionary UpdatesMarie E. Bussiere, Betty C. Jester, Manbir Sodhi2009-04-01
Examining the Institutional Factors Affecting Cost Growth in Defense Acquisition: Additional Insights May Yield More Effective Policy InterventionsPhil Candreva2009-04-01
When Instructions Provide Too Much Flexibility, Establish Rules Defense Acquisition Performance Assessment Redux: Unpredictability, Uncertainty and Program Failure: Implementing a Rule-set Can Be the FixJ. David Patterson, Michael A. Ott, Eileen Giglio2009-04-01
Managing the Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: An Empirical Study of Current Management PracticesAruna Apte, Uday Apte, Rene G. Rendon2009-04-01
Contract Management Process Maturity: Analysis of Recent Organizational AssessmentsRene G. Rendon 2009-04-01
UK Defence Acquisition Process for NEC: Transaction Governance within an Integrated Project TeamErmias Kebede, Eunice Maytorena, David Lowe, Graham Winch2009-04-01
The Theory and Measurement of Interorganizational Collaborative Capacity in the Acquisition and Contracting ContextErik Jansen, Susan Page Hocevar, Rene G. Rendon, Gail Fann Thomas2009-04-01
Analysis of Maintenance Manpower Structures for Land-based Naval Aircraft Using a Knowledge Value Added ApproachClinton Downing, Joshua MacMurdo2009-03-01
Competition in Defense AcquisitionsJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, Michael Arendt2009-02-01
The Evolving Private Military Sector: Toward a Framework for Effective DoD ContractingNicholas Dew, Ira Lewis2009-02-01
Research on Defense Acquisition Management for System-of-SystemsDaniel DeLaurentis2009-02-01
Application of Real Options Theory to DoD Software AcquisitionsCapt Albert Olagbemiro, Johnathan Mun, Man-Tak Shing2009-02-01
An Empirical Study of the Management and Oversight of Medical Services Acquisition within the Department of DefenseIlze Angere, Kathleen Colter, Teresa Stevens2009-02-01
The Role of Lead System IntegratorJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, Adam Spiers2009-01-01
The Land Warrior Soldier System: A Case Study for the Acquisition of Soldier SystemsNile L. Clifton Jr., Douglas W. Copeland2008-12-01
An Operational Utility Assessment: Measuring the Effectiveness of the Joint Concept Technology Demonstration (JCTD), Joint Forces Protection Advance Security System (JFPASS)Mark McGovern, Joseph Symmes, Jeffrey D. Mayor2008-12-01
An Assessment of Collaborative Capacity of Three Organizations within Defense AcquisitionJeremiah N. Kirschman, Michele M. LaPorte2008-12-01
Introducing Professional Writing Skills to Future Naval Officers: An Adjunct to NPS Distance LearningBrandon M. Booher, Derek S. Waisanen2008-12-01
Development of an Item Unique Identification Strategy for the Legacy Components of the US Marine Corps M1A1 Abrams TankEdward Y. Blakiston, Carl J. Punzel, Richard A. Jennings2008-12-01
The Joint Effects-based Contracting Execution System: A Proposed Enabling Concept for Future Joint Expeditionary Contracting ExecutionKelley Poree, Katrina Curtis, Jeremy Morrill, Steven Sherwood2008-12-01
An Empirical Study of the United States NavyErnuel Miranda, Robert McMaster2008-12-01
Study of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Vehicle Program as a Model for Rapid Defense AcquisitionsSeth T. Blakeman, Anthony R. Gibbs, Jeyanthan Jeyasingam2008-12-01
Forecasting the Demand of the F414-GE-400 Engine at NAS LemooreJ. Michale Hersey, James M. Rowlett, Shannon P. Thompson2008-12-01
Management and Oversight of Services Acquisition within the United States Air ForceRandy Solomon, John Travieso2008-12-01
Feasibility of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Item Unique Identification (IUID) in the Marine Corps Small Arms Weapons Tracking SystemRico R. Harris, Dale F. Locklar, Luke R. Wright2008-12-01
Squadron Movements and Associated Transportation Problems: An Inner Look into the ProcessWilliam J. Hollis, Anthony S. Estep, Nicholas T. Walker2008-12-01
The Logistics Support Resource Strategy Map: A Design and Assessment ToolDavid Ford, John Dillard2008-12-01
Reverse Logistics at the Commander, Naval Surface Forces Real-time & Reutilization Asset Management (R-RAM) San Diego WarehouseNolasco Villanueva, Jeffery Young, Dennis Estrella2008-11-01
Gap Analysis: Application to Earned Value AnalysisGary O. Langford, Raymond (Chip) Franck2008-11-01
An Analysis of Organization Readiness at Anniston Army Depot for Information Technology ChangeJermaine A. Hailey, Frederick D. Higgs2008-11-01
Interorganizational Collaborative Capacity: Development of a Database to Refine Instrumentation and Explore PatternsErik Jansen, Susan Page Hocevar, Rene G. Rendon, Gail Fann Thomas2008-11-01
RFID/RTLS Application to Remanufacturing Operations in the US Department of DefenseGeraldo Ferrer, Nicholas Dew2008-10-01
Managing the Service Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: An Empirical Study of Current Management PracticesAruna U. Apte, Uday M. Apte, Rene G. Rendon2008-10-01
An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Computer-based Training for Newly Commissioned Surface Warfare Division OfficersWilliam R. Bowman, Alice M. Crawford, Stephen Mehay2008-10-01
Research: A Requirements Search Engine: Progress Report 2Craig Martell2008-09-01
A System Approach to Expanding the Technology Readiness Level within Defense AcquisitionBrian Sauser, Jose E. Ramirez-Marquez, Romulo Magnaye, Weiping Tan2008-09-01
An Analysis of the Future Combat Systems (FCS) Spin Out 1 Low-Rate of Initial Production (LRIP) ContractAlan Laverson, Joseph San Miguel2008-09-01
Dynamic Cost Risk Assessment for Controlling the Cost of Naval VesselsEdouard Kujawski, Diana Angelis2008-09-01
Exploring the Implications of Transaction Cost Economics on Joint and System-of-Systems ProgramsDiana Angelis, John Dillard, Raymond Franck, Francois Melese, Mary-Maureen Brown, Robert M. Flowe2008-09-01
Measuring Transaction Costs in DoD Acquisition ProgramsDiana Angelis, John Dillard, Raymond Franck, Francois Melese 2008-09-01
Using Spiral Development to Reduce Acquisition Cycle TimesJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, Adam Spiers2008-09-01
Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS): Doing it RightJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn2008-09-01
New Patterns of Collaboration and Rivalry in the US and European Defense and Aerospace IndustriesChip Franck, Ira Lewis, Bernard Udis2008-09-01
Software-Hardware Asset Reuse Enterprise (SHARE) Repository Framework Final Report: Component Specification and OntologyJean Johnson, Curtis Blais2008-09-01

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