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Defense Acquisition Management for Systems-of-systemsDaniel DeLaurentis2008-04-01
Advances in Acquisition Project Management: Capabilities Focused Acquisition ProcessRaymond Jones2008-04-01
PEO Remarks for NPS Acquisition Research SymposiumChristopher A. Miller2008-04-01
The Changing Shape of the Defense Industry and Implications for Defense Acquisitions and PolicyVictoria A. Greenfield2008-04-01
Market Dominance, Efficiency, Innovation , and Globalization: A Case Study of the Tanker Competition between Boeing and Northrop Grumman/EADSNayantara Hensel2008-04-01
Which Unchanged Components to Retest after a Technology UpgradeValdis A. Berzins2008-04-01
Potential Impact of Open Architecture on AEGIS Thomas J. Housel and Jonathan Mun2008-04-01
A Semantic Based Search Engine for Open Architecture Requirements DocumentsCraig Martell2008-04-01
SHARE Repository Framework: Component Specification and OntologyJean Johnson, Curt Blais2008-04-01
Evolutionary State of OAReuben S. Pitts2008-04-01
Emerging Issues in the Acquisition of Open Source Software within the US Department of DefenseWalt Scacchi, Thomas Alspaugh2008-04-01
Modeling the Integration of Open Systems and Evolutionary Acquisition in DoD ProgramsJohn Dillard, David Ford2008-04-01
Spiral Development in Major Defense Acquisition ProgramsMichael S. Frick2008-04-01
Using Spiral Development to Reduce Acquisition Cycle TimesWilliam Lucyshyn and Jacques Gansler2008-04-01
A Perspective on Prototyping to Aid in the Formation of a Spiral Development StrategyCraig Smith2008-04-01
Stryker Suitability Challenges in a Complex Threat EnvironmentDon McKeon, Paul Alfieri2008-04-01
Analysis of Contractor Logistics Support for the P-8 Poseidon AircraftScott Hedrick, Shane Tallant, Michael Martin2008-04-01
The Impact of Collaborative and 3-Dimensional Imaging Technology on SHIPMAIN Cost EstimatesDave Cornelius2008-04-01
The Potential Impact of Collaborative and Three-dimensional Imaging Technology on SHIPMAIN Fleet Modernization Plan (#2)Thomas Housel2008-04-01
Acquisition Chair Remarks & Keynote: Acquisition Research ProgramJames Greene2008-04-01
Formulating a High-quality, High-impact Defense Acquisition Research ProgramFrederick Thompson2008-04-01
Rethinking Acquisition Reform: Cost Growth Solutions May Aggravate the More Important ProblemPhilip J. Candreva2008-04-01
Five Key Challenges for the Management of UK DefenceTrevor Taylor, Peter Tatham, David Moore2008-04-01
Echoes Across the Pond: Understanding EU-US Defense Industrial RelationshipsRaymond (Chip) Franck, Ira Lewis, Bernard Udis2008-04-01
Defense Acquisition Policy and the Defense Industrial Base Reinforcement Strategy--Enhancing the International Competitiveness Analysis of Korean National Defense IndustryDae Ok Lee2008-04-01
Australian Naval Procurement Cycles: Lessons for Other Small CountriesStefan Markowski2008-04-01
Commercial-Off-the-Self (COTS); Doing It RightWilliam Lucyshyn and Jacques Gansler2008-04-01
Public Procurement Systems: Unpacking Stakeholder Aspirations and ExpectationsSteve Schooner, Daniel I. Gordon, Jessica L. Clark2008-04-01
Innovations in Defense Acquisition Auctions: Lessons Learned and Alternative Mechanism DesignsWilliam Gates, Peter Coughlin2008-04-01
The Evolving Private Military Sector: A SurveyNick Dew, Brian Hudgens2008-04-01
The Evolving Defense Industrial BaseLenn Vincent2008-04-01
Contracting Out the Government Procurement Functions: An AnalysisDavid Lamm, Cory Yoder2008-04-01
Commercial-Off-the-Self (COTS): Impact to Reliability, Maintainability and Availability (RM&A) from an In Service Engineering (ISEA) PerspectiveRobert Howard2008-04-01
Design Agents: A Post-acquisition Reform Cost-benefit AnalysisKathlyn H. Loudin2008-04-01
A Non-simulation Based Method for Inducing Pearson Correlation between Input Random VariablesEric R. Druker, Richard L. Coleman, Peter J. Braxton2008-04-01
Managing the Services Supply Chain in the DoD: An Empirical Study of Current Management PracticesAruna Apte, Uday Apte, Rene Rendon2008-04-01
Issues in Cost Estimating for US Naval ShipbuildingChristopher S. Deegan2008-04-01
Perhaps Bigger Is Better: Density as a Naval Submarine Cost DriverBen Grant2008-04-01
Using the Steel Vessel Material-cost Index to Mitigate Shipbuilder RiskEdward G. Keating, Robert Murphy, John F. Schank, John Birkler2008-04-01
Dynamic Cost Risk Assessment for Controlling the Cost of Naval VesselsEdouard Kujawski, Diana Angelis, Jeff Kline2008-04-01
Transactions Cost Economics and Cost Estimation MethodologyRaymond (Chip) Franck, Francois Melese, John T. Dillard, Diana Angelis2008-04-01
Issues for Future Systems CostingFred Hartman2008-04-01
Application of Transaction Cost Economics to Capabilities-based Acquisition: Exploring Single Service vs. Joint Service Programs and Single Systems vs. System-of-systemsDiana Angelis, John Dillard, Raymond (Chip) Franck, Francois Melese, Mary Maureen Brown, Robert M. Flowe2008-04-01
Open Architecture Inventory Pooling and Maintenance ModulesGeraldo Ferrer2008-04-01
Joint Robotics ProgramPaul Varian, Joel Brown2008-04-01
Integrated Decision Technology for Acquisition and ContractingRoy Garrison, Daniel Dolk, Albert Barreto2008-04-01
Effect of Navy Individual Augmentee Deployment/s on Mental Health OutcomesJoey Andres2008-03-01
Indefinite Reenlistment for Senior Petty OfficersJohn Enns2008-03-01
Effects of Moral Conduct Waivers on First-term Attrition of US Army SoldiersChristopher Distifeno2008-03-01
Significant Factors in Predicting Promotion to Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and Colonel in the United States Marine CorpsJoel M. Hoffman2008-03-01

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