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Adding a Performance-based Component to Surface Warfare Officer Bonuses: Will it Affect Retention?Aron Carman, Ryan Mudd2008-03-01
SHARE Repository Component Specification: Needs AssessmentJean Johnson2008-03-01
Lessons Learned from Outsourcing the Pearl Harbor MK-48 Intermediate Maintenance ActivityJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, Benigno Alarcon Deza2008-03-01
Analysis of Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Implementation in Navy Acquisition ProgramsRene G. Rendon2008-03-01
A Strategic Approach to Humanitarian Medical Manpower PlanningKathleen K. Cooperman, Houde2008-03-01
Material Planning for Remanufacturing Defense AssetsGeraldo Ferrer2008-03-01
Software Hardware Asset Reuse Enterprise (SHARE) Repository Framework: Related Work and Development PlanJean Johnson, Curtis Blais2008-03-01
The Impact of the NavyStephen Mehay, Elda Pema2008-03-01
Innovations in Defense Acquisition Auctions: Lessons Learned and Alternative Mechanism DesignsPeter Coughlan, William Gates, Jennifer Lamping2008-02-01
Surface Warfare Officer Retention: Analysis of Individual Ready Reserve Survey DataCarol Stoker, Alice Crawford2008-01-01
Echoes across the Pond: Understanding EU-US Defense Industrial Relationships Chip Franck, Ira Lewis, Bernard Udis2008-01-01
Government Venture Capital: Centralized or Decentralized ExecutionCory Brown, Paul Winka, Ho Lee2008-01-01
Analysis of the Contracting Processes and Ethical Culture at Ogden Air Logistics Center, Hill AFB UTBrian Sheehan, Stuart Moats, David VanAssche2008-01-01
Learning Management Systems: Practical Considerations for the Selection and Implementation of an E-learning Platform for the NavyMagdi Kamel2008-01-01
Gap Analysis: Rethinking the Conceptual FoundationsGary Langford, Raymond (Chip) Franck, Tom Huynh, Ira Lewis2007-12-01
Analysis of the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center (ALC) Contract Management ProcessesAndrew Nordin, Bennet Burton2007-12-01
Electronic Reverse Auctions in the Federal GovernmentWhitney Brown, Lana Ray2007-12-01
Structuring Naval Special Warfare Junior Officer Professional Military EducationThomas Donovan2007-11-01
Market Perception of Defense Mergers in the United States, 1990-2006: A Case of Event StudiesJennifer Grant2007-11-01
Budgeting and Acquisition Business Process ReformLawrence Jones, Jerry McCaffery2007-11-01
Managing the Service Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Implications for the Program Management InfrastructureUday Apte, Rene Rendon2007-11-01
The Department of DefenseJeffrey Compton, Brian Meinshausen2007-11-01
AEGIS Platforms: The Potential Impact of Open Architecture in Sustaining EngineeringJameson Adler, Jennifer Ahart, Thomas Housel, Jonathan Mun2007-10-01
Cold Chain Logistics: A Study of the Department of the Defense OCONUS Pre-Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Distribution NetworkDaniel "Travis" Jones, Christopher "Craig" Tecmire2007-10-01
The Potential Impact of Collaborative and Three-dimensional Imaging Technology on SHIPMAIN Fleet Modernization PlanNathan Seaman, Thomas Housel, Jonathan Mun2007-10-01
Software Architecture: Managing Design for Achieving Warfighter CapabilityBrad Naegle, Dianna Petross2007-10-01
An Analysis of the United States Air Force Energy Savings Performance ContractsWai President2007-10-01
Open Architecture, Inventory Pooling and Spare Maintenance AssetsGeraldo Ferrer2007-10-01
Budget Scoring: An Impediment to Alternative FinancingDonald Summers, Joseph San Miguel2007-09-01
The Stigma of Failure in OrganizationsGeraldo Ferrer, Nicholas Dew2007-09-01
Contracting Out Government Procurement Functions: An AnalysisDavid Lamm, Cory Yoder2007-09-01
An Empirical Analysis of the Patterns in Defense Industry Consolidation and their Subsequent ImpactNayantara Hensel2007-09-01
Analysis of Fleet Readiness Center Southwest Concept Integration: New-Employee Orientation and Communication ProcessesFrancini Clemmons, Holly Falconieri2007-09-01
Air Force Commodity Councils: A Template for Future Implementation Comparing Successful and Failed ApproachesRachelle Osborn, John Schoonmaker2007-09-01
Employing Organizational Modeling and Simulation to Deconstruct the KC-135 Aircraft Programmed Depot Maintenance Flight Controls Repair CellMatthew Paskin, Alice Trevino2007-09-01
Early Lessons Learned from the ArmyJoseph Yakovac2007-09-01
The Use of Collaborative and Three-dimensional Imaging Technology to Achieve Increased Value and Efficiency in the Cost-estimation Portion of the SHIPMAIN EnvironmentDavid Cornelius2007-09-01
Field Validation of Collaborative CapacityGail Fann Thomas, Erik Jansen, Susan Page Hocevar, Rene Rendon2007-09-01
The Need for a Strategic Approach to Contingency ContractingAnthony DAngelo, Danny Houglan, Edwin Ruckwardt2007-09-01
The Logistics Impact of Evolutionary AcquisitionIra Lewis, Aruna Apte2007-07-01
Applying Insights from Transaction Cost Economics (TCE) to Improve DoD Cost EstimationDiana I. Angelis, John Dillard, Raymond (Chip) Franck, Fancois Melese2007-07-01
B2B Models for DoD Acquisition Magdi Kamel2007-07-01
Applicability Analysis of Performance Based Logistics Implementation for US Army Stryker Armored Vehicle to Improve Turkish Army Weapon System SupportGokhan Denizer2007-06-01
Worldwide Husbanding Process Improvement: Comparative Analysis of Contracting MethodologiesMert Gundemir, Ronaldo Manalang, Paul Metzger, Joel Pitel2007-06-01
Evaluation of the Contract Management Process in the United Nations for Acquiring Peacekeeping Operations/ServicesMohammad Shameem2007-06-01
Foreign Military Sales Trend Analysis: Impact on the Future with Application to TaiwanKevin Moore, Chih-Haur Ho, Colleen Foust, Aidas Kerutis2007-06-01
AEGIS Platforms: Using KVA Analysis to Assess Open Architecture in Sustaining EngineeringJameson Adler, Jennifer Ahart2007-06-01
The Use of Collaborative and Three Dimensional Imaging Technology to Increase Value in the SHIPMAIN Environment of the Fleet Modernization Plan Nathan Seaman2007-06-01
Desired Characteristics of the 21st Century Defense Industrial BaseJacques S. Gansler2007-05-01
Desired Characteristics of the 21st Century Defense Industrial BaseRobert H. Trice2007-05-01

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