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Dynamic Cost-Contingency Management: A Method for Reducing Project Costs While Increasing the Probability of SuccessEdouard Kujawski2007-05-01
An Enterprise Model of Rising Ship Costs: Loss of Learning Due to Time between Ships and Labor Force InstabilityRichard L. Coleman, Jessica R. Summerville, Bethia L. Cullis, Eric R. Druker, Gabriel B. Rutledge, Peter J. Braxton2007-05-01
Simulation Based Acquisition RevisitedMichael F. McGrath2007-05-01
An Innovative Approach for Training Acquisitions - Part IIFred Hartman2007-05-01
An Open Strategy for the Acquisition of Models and SimulationsRudy Darken2007-05-01
Application of Systems Engineering Principles in Curricular DesignDavid H. Olwell, Jarema M. Didoszak, Jean M. Catalano, Joseph Cohn2007-05-01
Enterprise Challenges Facing the Strategic Sourcing of ServicesStuart Hazlett2007-05-01
The Commander of Naval Installations and the Acquisition of ServicesThomas Trump2007-05-01
Performing Quality Assurance and Effectively Administering the Strategic Sourcing of ServicesAnthony Incorvati2007-05-01
Managing the Service Supply Chain in DoD: Implications for the Program Management InfrastructureRene Rendon, Uday Apte2007-05-01
Military Logistics and Maintenance: Beyond Lean and Six SigmaDale L. Moore2007-05-01
Lean Six Sigma Implementation for Military Logistics to Improve ReadinessKeebom Kang, Uday Apte2007-05-01
Beyond AIRSpeed. How Organizational Modeling and Simulation Further Reduced Engine Maintenance TimeJoel J. Hagan, William G. Slack, Roxanne Zolin, John Dillard2007-05-01
Desired Characteristics of the 21st Century Defense Industrial BaseMichael S. Roesner2007-05-01
Essential Elements to Successful Execution of Strategically Sourced ServicesRandall McFadden2007-05-01
Delivering to the WarfighterDale Huegen2007-05-01
"VT-136" Market Research and Sourcing Case ExerciseCory Yoder2007-04-01
From Amorphous to Defined: Balancing the Risks of Spiral DevelopmentJohn Dillard2007-04-01
Volume I: Acquisition Research: The Foundation for InnovationNPS Acquisition Research Program2007-04-01
Volume II: Acquisition Research: The Foundation for InnovationNPS Acquisition Research Program2007-04-01
Development vs. Deployment: How Mature Should a Technology be Before it is Considered for Inclusion in an Acquisition Program?Michael Pennock, Bill Rouse, Diane Kollar 2007-04-01
An Empirical Analysis of the Patterns in Defense Industry Consolidation and their Subsequent ImpactNayantara Hensel2007-04-01
Strategic SourcingDavid A. Drabkin, Donna McCarthy 2007-04-01
Self-leadership and Creativity Differences in Line and Supervisory Defense Acquisition EmployeesTrudy C. DiLiello, Jeffery D. Houghton2007-04-01
Acquisition Community Team Dynamics: The Tuckman Model vs. the DAU ModelPamela Knight 2007-04-01
The Relationships between Work Team Strategic Intent and Work Team PerformanceThomas R. Edison2007-04-01
AEGIS and Ship Self-defense System (SSDS) Platforms: Using KVA Analysis, Risk Simulation and Strategic Real Options to Assess Operational EffectivenessThomas Housel, Johnathan Mun, Eric Tarantino2007-04-01
Measuring the Value Added of Management: A Knowledge Value Added ApproachThomas J. Housel, Valery Kanevsky2007-04-01
Contractors on the Battlefield: When and How? Using the US Military Risk Management Framework to Learn from the Balkans Support ContractVictoria A. Greenfield, Frank Camm2007-04-01
Application of a Network Perspective to DoD Weapon System Acquisition: An Exploratory StudyNancy Roberts, Ryan Mantz2007-04-01
Developing Collaborative Capacity: A Diagnostic ModelSusan Hocevar, Erik Jansen, Gail Fann Thomas 2007-04-01
Analysis of Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Implementation in Navy Acquisition ProgramsRene Rendon2007-04-01
Software Architecture: Managing Design for Achieving Warfighter CapabilityBrad Naegle2007-04-01
Putting Teeth into Open Architectures: Infrastructure for Reducing the Need for RetestingValdis Berzins, Manuel Rodriguez2007-04-01
Monsters in the Closet:Timothy S. Reed, Jenine Cowdrey, William Pike2007-04-01
Does Competitive Sourcing Really Pay?Allen Friar2007-04-01
Optimal Inventory Policy for Two-echelon RemanufacturingGeraldo Ferrer2007-04-01
B2B Models for DoD AcquisitionMagdi N. Kamel2007-04-01
The Folly of Consequence-Free Budget ScoringGerald S. Koenig2007-04-01
The Budget Scoring Alternatives Financing Methods for Defense RequirementsLeonard Leos, Paul Rouleau, Mark Wadsworth2007-04-01
DoD Contract Termination Liability: An Analysis of Special Termination Cost Clause (STCC)Rene Rendon, John Mutty2007-04-01
Improving National Defense Acquisition and Resource Management through Enterprise Organization, Capabilities Assessment, Radical Reengineering, Capital and Longer-Term Budgeting and Privatization/MarketizationLawrence R. Jones, Jerry L. McCaffery2007-04-01
Budget Uncertainty and Business Management Reform in the Department of Defense: Some Considerations for Acquisition ManagementPhilip J. Candreva, Douglas A. Brook2007-04-01
The Cultural RevolutionDean T. Kashiwagi, Nathan Chong2007-04-01
Incentive Contracts: The Attributes that Matter Most in Driving Favorable OutcomesRobert L. Tremaine2007-04-01
Capabilities Centric Acquisition: A System of Systems View of Acquisition ManagementRaymond D. Jones2007-04-01
Lessons from Army System DevelopmentsRichard G. Rhoades, William A. Lucas2007-04-01
Too Little Too Soon? Modeling the Risks of Spiral DevelopmentJohn Dillard, David Ford2007-04-01
Applying Insights from Transaction Cost Economics (TCE) to Improve DoD Cost EstimationRaymond (Chip) Franck, Diana Angelis, Francois Melese, John Dillard2007-04-01
Managing Uncertainty and Risk in Public-sector InvestmentsRichard Suter2007-04-01

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