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Dynamic Cost-contingency Management: A Method for Reducing Project Costs While Increasing the Probability of SuccessEdouard Kujawski2007-04-01
An Enterprise Model of Rising Ship Costs: Loss of Learning Due to Time between Ships and Labor Force InstabilityRichard L. Coleman, Jessica R. Summerville, Bethia L. Cullis, Eric R. Druker, Gabriel B. Rutledge, Peter J. Braxton2007-04-01
Managing the Service Supply Chain in DoD: Implications for the Program Management InfrastructureRene Rendon, Uday Apte2007-04-01
Lean Six Sigma Implementation for Military Logistics to Improve ReadinessKeebom Kang, Uday Apte2007-04-01
Beyond AIRSpeed. How Organizational Modeling and Simulation Further Reduced Engine Maintenance TimeJoel J. Hagan, William G. Slack, Roxanne Zolin, John Dillard2007-04-01
Joseph Anderson, David Warnick2007-03-01
Unmanned Vehicles Systems; Unmanned Vehicle Tactical memorandum (TM 3-22-5-SW): Report of Findings and RecommendationWilliam D. Hatch II, Gregory Miller2007-01-01
A Transactions Cost Economics Approach to Defense Acquisition ManagementRaymond (Chip) Franck, John Dillard, Francois Melese2006-12-01
Managing the Service Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Opportunities and ChallengesUday Apte, Geraldo Ferrer, Ira Lewis, Rene Rendon2006-12-01
Naval Aviation Maintenance: A Case Study for Process ImprovementEric Jafar, Terence Noel C. Mejos, Chieh Yang2006-12-01
Employing Organizational Modeling and Simulation to Reduce F/A-18E/F F414 Engine Maintenance TimeJoel J. Hagan, William G. Slack2006-12-01
Implementing Coordinative Acquisition as a Viable Streamlined Acquisition Process in the Department of Defense (DoD): Will Contractors ParticipateCharles B. Froemke, Jerry M. Tanner2006-12-01
Process Improvement at the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment (AIMD) at Naval Air Station Whidbey IslandEric Jafar, Terence Noel C. Mejos, Chieh Yang2006-12-01
Getting the Most from Acquisition Reforms: FAR 13.5 Test Provisions for Simplified Acquisition Procedures, Commercial-item AcquisitionCory Yoder2006-12-01
Total Ownership Cost Reduction Case Study: AEGIS Radar Phase ShiftersWray W. Bridger, Mark D. Ruiz 2006-12-01
An Analysis of Earned Value Management Implementation Within the F-22 System Program Office Software DevelopmentJohn C. Dilbert, John C. Velez2006-12-01
Leveraging Competence in the Use of Leveraging Collaborative Tools Competence: Facilitating an Open Architecture Approach to Acquiring Integrated Warfare SystemsThomas Housel, Angelika Dimoka, Paul A. Pavlou2006-12-01
Measuring the Value Added of Management: A Knowledge Value Added ApproachThomas J. Housel and Valery Kanevsky2006-12-01
Integrated Portfolio Analysis: Return on Investment and Real options Analysis of Intelligence Information Systems (Cryptologic Carry On Program)Cesar G. Rios, Thomas Housel, Johnathan Mun2006-09-01
A Methodology for Improving the Shipyard Planning Process: Using KVA Analysis, Risk Simulation and Strategic Real OptionsChristine L. Komoroski, Thomas Housel, Sandra Hom, Johnathan Mun2006-09-01
Changing Major Acquisition Organizations to Adopt the Best Loci of Knowledge, Responsibilities and Decision RightsMark Nissen, Frank Barrett2006-09-01
A Diagnostic Approach to Building Collaborative Capacity in Interagency ContextGail Fann Thomas, Susan Page Hocevar, Erik Jansen2006-09-01
Reform of Budgeting for Acquisition: Lessons from Private Sector Capital Budgeting for the Department of DefenseJerry L. McCaffery, Lawrence R. Jones2006-09-01
Lean Six Sigma for Reduced Cycle Costs and Improved ReadinessUday Apte, Keebom Kang2006-09-01
Using Public- Private Partnerships and Energy Savings Contracts to Fund DoD Mobile AssetsJoseph G. San Miguel, Donald E. Summers2006-09-01
Developing Software Requirements Supporting Open Architecture Performance Goals in Critical DoD System-of-SystemsBrad Naegle2006-09-01
Public-private Partnerships for Government Financing, Controlling Risk, and Value-for--money: The UK ExperienceJoseph G. San Miguel, Donald E. Summers2006-09-01
A Design of Experiments Approach to Readiness Risk Analysis for Performance-Based LogisticsKeebom Kang, Susan M. Sanchez, Kenneth H. Doerr2006-09-01
AEGIS and Ship Self-Defense (SSDS) Platforms: Using KVA Analysis, Risk Simulation and Strategic Real Options to Assess Operational EffectivenessJoseph Uchytil, Thomas Housel, Sandra Hom, Johnathan Mun, Eric Tarantino2006-09-01
Contractors Supporting Military OperationsRichard L. Dunn2006-09-01
Acoustic Rapid COTS Insertion: A Case Study in Spiral DevelopmentMichael Boudreau2006-09-01
DoD Contract Termination Liability: An Analysis of the Special Termination Cost Clause (STCC)Rene G. Rendon, John Mutty2006-09-01
Analysis of Naval Facilities Engineering CommandWalter S. Ludwig, Alexander M. Moore2006-09-01
Evaluation of Performance Based LogisticsJacques S. Gansler and William Lucyshyn2006-08-01
Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Civilian Aviation Alternative Support Study: Report of Findings and RecommendationsCharles Gowen, James Loadwick2006-07-01
Business Process Re-Engineering: Application for Littoral Combat Ship Mission Module AcquisitionUsher L. Barnum, Jr.2006-07-01
A Comparative Analysis of the Department of Defense (DoD) Passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) policy and Perspective in Terms of Site ImplementationsJacqueline M. Meyer, Sefa Demirel2006-06-01
Financing the DOD Acquisition Budget: innovative uses of Public-Private PartnershipsPatrick Jankowski, Matthew Lehmann, Michael P. McGee2006-06-01
Acquiring Combat Capability through Innovative Uses of Public Private PartnershipsSteven M. Buchanan, Jayson W. Cabell, Daniel C. McCrary2006-06-01
Assessing the Operational Value of Situational Awareness for AEGIS and Ship Self Defense System (SSDS) Platforms through the Application of the KVA MethodologyJoseph S. Uchytil2006-06-01
Total Ownership Cost Reduction Case Study: AEGIS Microwave Power TubesAruna U. Apte, Eugene (Joe) Dutkowski2006-05-01
Cookies for the Real World: Assessing the Potential of RFID for Contractor MonitoringNicholas Dew2006-05-01
Acquisition Research: The Foundation for InnovationNPS Acquisition Research Program2006-04-01
Collaborative IT Tools Leveraging Competence: Antecedents and ConsequencesPaul Pavlou, Angelika Dimoka, Tom Housel2006-04-01
Building Collaborative Capacity in the Interagency ContextGail Fann Thomas, Erik Jansen, Susan Page Hocevar2006-04-01
DoD is Not IBM: The Challenges of Implementing Strategic Sourcing in Defense AcquisitionDan Bowman, Timothy S. Reed, Bryan J. Hudgens, David Searle2006-04-01
What Is the Right RFID for Your Process?Geraldo Ferrer, Uday Apte, Nick Dew2006-04-01
Investigating the Department of DefenseChristopher A. Thomas, Emeterio V. Hernandez2006-04-01
Changing Major Acquisition Organizations to Adopt the Best Loci of Knowledge, Responsibilities and Decision RightsMark Nissen, Frank Barrett2006-04-01
Transforming the Enterprise of Acquiring Public Sector Complex SystemsWilliam Rouse, Michael Pennock, Diane L. Kollar2006-04-01

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