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To What Extent are DoD Activities Capitalizing on Commercial Item Designation Statutory and Regulatory Provisions under FASA, FARA, and SARA--Getting the Most from Limited ResourcesE. Cory Yoder2006-04-01
Improving Public Perceptions by Instilling Objectivity in Decisions to Waive Procurement RegulationsKenyon Potter2006-04-01
The Use of Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques in United States Air Force Environmental ConflictsNanci R. Pigeon, Bryan J. Hudgens, Ellen C. England, Leon A. Mable2006-04-01
Using a Modular Open Systems Approach in Defense Acquisitions: Implications for the Contracting ProcessRene G. Rendon2006-04-01
Developing Performance Based Requirements for Open Architecture DesignBrad Naegle2006-04-01
Acoustic Rapid COTS InsertionMichael W. Boudreau2006-04-01
Reform of Budgeting for Acquisition: Lessons from Private Sector Capital Budgeting for the Department of DefenseJerry McCaffery and Larry Jones2006-04-01
Budgeting for Capabilities Based PlanningSteven P. Fraser, Kurt A. Heppard, Steve G. Green, Brian C. Payne2006-04-01
A Transactions Cost Economics (TCE) Approach to Optimal Contract TypeRaymond Franck, Francois Melese, John Dillard2006-04-01
Development of Measures of Success for Corporate Level Air Force Acquisition InitiativesBryan Hudgens, Carey Petit, Rita Jordan, Leon Mable2006-04-01
Estimating Return on Investment and Valuing Real Options in Acquisition: Glenn Cook and Capt Scott Uchytil2006-04-01
When Should You Terminate Your Own Program? Bad Business: The JASORS DebacleJohn Dillard2006-04-01
Managing Tipping Point Dynamics in Single Development ProjectsDavid N. Ford, Tim Taylor2006-04-01
Managing the Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Opportunities and ChallengesUday Apte, Geraldo Ferrer, Ira Lewis, Rene Rendon2006-04-01
Measuring Uncertainty in Earned ValueRichard Suter2006-04-01
Contractors Supporting Military OperationsRichard L. Dunn2006-04-01
An Exploratory Study of Contracting Performance by Untrained IndividualsNed Kock, Jacques Verville, Jesus Carmona2006-04-01
What Is the Right RFID for Your Process?Uday M. Apte, Nicholas Dew, Geraldo Ferrer2006-01-01
Using a Modular Open Systems Approach in Defense Acquisitions: Implications for the Contracting ProcessRene G. Rendon2006-01-01
Reducing Cycle Time and Increasing Value through the Application of KVA Methodology to the US Navy Shipyard Planning ProcessChristine L. Komoroski2005-12-01
Investigating the Department of DefenseEmeterio V. Hernandez, Christopher A. Thomas2005-12-01
Defining Success: The Air Force Information Technology Commodity CouncilCasey A. Cortese, Heather Shelby, Timothy J. Strobel2005-12-01
Analysis of Light Armored Vehicle Depot Level MaintenanceMichael Mullins, Troy Adams, Robert Simms2005-12-01
Developing Software Requirements Supporting Open Architecture Performance Goals in Critical DoD System-of-SystemsBrad Naegle2005-11-01
When Should You Terminate Your Own Program? Bad Business: The JASORS DebacleJohn T. Dillard2005-11-01
Impact of Diffusion and variability on Vendor Performance EvaluationKenneth Doerr, Donald R. Eaton, Ira Lewis2005-10-01
Return on Investment Analysis of Information Warfare SystemsCesar G. Rios2005-09-01
The Naval Ordnance Station Louisville: A Case Study of Privatization-in-PlaceWilliam Lucyshyn, Stephanie Novello2005-08-01
A Strategy for Defense Acquisition ResearchJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn2005-08-01
Improving Readiness with a Public-Private Partnership: NAVAIR Auxiliary Power Unit Total Logistics Support ProgramWilliam Lucyshyn, Rene Rendon, Stephanie Novello2005-07-01
Cost As an Independent VariableMichael Boudreau2005-06-01
Determining the Best Loci of Knowledge, Responsibilities and Decision Rights in Major Acquisition OrganizationsJohn Dillard, Mark E. Nissen2005-06-01
A Decision Support Model for Valuing Proposed Improvements in Component ReliabilityKeebom Kang, Kenneth Doerr, Michael Boudreau, Uday Apte2005-06-01
Budgeting for National Defense Acquisition: Assessing System Linkage and the Impact of TransformationLawrence R. Jones, Jerry McCaffery, Kory L. Fierstine2005-06-01
From Market to Clan: How Organizational Control Affects Trust in Defense AcquisitionRoxanne Zolin, John Dillard2005-06-01
Spiral Development: A PerspectiveAruna Apte2005-06-01
The Raven Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SUAV): Investigating Potential Dichotomies between Doctrine and PracticeGlenn E. Jenkins, William J. Snodgrass2005-06-01
Update of the Navy Contract Writing Guide Phase IIIBrett M. Schwartz, Jadon Lincoln, Jose L. Sanchez, Leslie S. Beltz2005-06-01
Joint Contingency ContractingEllsworth Johnson, Bryan Paton, Edward Threat, Lisa Haptonstall 2005-06-01
Department of the Navy Procurement Metrics EvaluationChristopher G. Brianas2005-06-01
Acquisition Research: The Foundation for InnovationNPS Acquisition Research Program2005-05-01
A Strategy for Defense Acquisition ResearchJacques Gansler2005-05-01
A Transaction Cost Economics View of DoD OutsourcingFrancois Melese, Raymond Franck2005-05-01
Unique Transaction Costs in Defense Market(s): the Explanatory Power of New Institutional EconomicsJohn Driessnack2005-05-01
Cost Performance Tradeoffs for the Army to Purchase One Type of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to Support the Armor and Infantry Wartime RequirementsWilliam Snodgrass, Glenn Jenkins2005-05-01
Spiral DevelopmentAruna Apte2005-05-01
The New Joint Capabilities Integration Development System (JCIDS) and Its Potential Impacts upon Defense Program ManagersDavid Matthews2005-05-01
Market-based Government: The Results to DateJacques S. Gansler2005-05-01
Developing Systems in a Changing Environment: An Army ExampleWilliam Lucyshyn2005-05-01
Public-Private Partnership Improves Aircraft ReadinessWilliam Lucyshyn2005-05-01

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