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Privatizing the Naval Surface Warfare Center Depot at LouisvilleWilliam Lucyshyn2005-05-01
An Extension and Test of the Communication-Flow Optimization ModelNed Kock2005-05-01
Determining the Best Loci of Knowledge, Responsibilities and Decision Rights in Major Acquisition OrganizationsJohn Dillard, Mark Nissen2005-05-01
From Market to Clan: How Organizational Control Affects Trust In Defense AcquisitionRoxanne Zolin, John Dillard2005-05-01
Military Out-sourcing: Observations, Opportunities, Conflicts and RecommendationsOlin O. Oedekoven2005-05-01
Outsourcing as an Engine of Growth for the United StatesCraig Martin2005-05-01
Outsourcing and Privatization: Creating Value at What Cost?Dwight A. Sheldon2005-05-01
A Decision Support Model for Valuing Proposed Improvements in Component ReliabilityKeebom Kang, Michael Boudreau, Uday Apte2005-05-01
Understanding the Impact of Mandated RFID Compliance on the DoD Supply BaseKenneth J. Petersen, Mark A. Barratt2005-05-01
Logistics Transformation through Sense-and-Respond Logistics NetworkJacques S. Gansler, Kenneth A. Gabriel2005-05-01
Choice and Change of Measures in Performance-Measurement ModelsMary A. Malina, Frank H. Selto2005-05-01
Performance Measurement in Defense Acquisitions: A Case Study of the NavyTerry F. Buss, David Cooke2005-05-01
Impact of Diffusion and Variability on Vendor Performance EvaluationKen Doerr, Don Eaton, Ira Lewis2005-05-01
Business Case Analysis and Contractor vs. Organic Support: A FirstRaymond Franck2005-05-01
A Framework for Calculating Indirect Costs and Earned Value for IT Infrastructure Modernization ProgramsRichard F. Suter2005-05-01
Navy Acquisition via Leasing: Policy, Politics, and Polemics with the Maritime Propositioned ShipsJohn Shank, Joe San Miguel, Don Summers2005-05-01
Commodity Sourcing Strategies: Supply Management in ActionRene G. Rendon2005-05-01
Best Practice in Technology Acquisition: Early Licensing of Technology before or during Prove-out PhaseKenyon David Potter2005-05-01
Contractor Past Performance Information (PPI) In Source Selection: A comparison Study of Public and Private SectorRoger Lord2005-05-01
Budgeting for Acquisition: Analysis of Compatibility between PPES and Acquisition Decisions SystemsLawrence R. Jones, Jerry McCaffery2005-05-01
A Critical Examination of the DoDChristopher Hanks2005-05-01
Cost as an Independent Variable (CAIV): Front-End Approaches to Achieve Reduction in Total Ownership CostMichael Boudreau2005-05-01
The Yoder Three-tier Model for Optimal Planning and Execution of Contingency ContractingCory Yoder2005-05-01
Joint Contingency ContractingKen Johnson, Lisa Haptonstall, Bryan Paton, Kurt Threat2005-05-01
Contractors on the 21st Century BattlefieldRichard L. Dunn2005-05-01
Using KVA and Real Options for IT Acquisition: Case ExampleCesar Rios, Thomas Housel, Johnathan C. Mun, David Mirano, Sarah Nelson2005-05-01
Managerial Real Options Practice in Large System Acquisition: Empirical Descriptions and Comparison with TheoryDavid N. Ford and Yanzhen Wu2005-05-01
Navy Acquisition via Leasing: Policy, Politics, and Polemics with the Maritime Prepositioned ShipsJoseph G. San Miguel, John K. Shank2005-04-01
Contractors in the 21st Century "Combat Zone"Richard L. Dunn2005-04-01
Commodity Sourcing Strategies: Supply Management in ActionRene G. Rendon2005-01-01
The Yoder Three-tier Model for Optimal Planning and Execution of Contingency ContractingElliott Cory Yoder2004-12-01
The New Joint Capabilities Integration Development System (JCIDS) and Its Potential Impacts upon Defense Program ManagersDavid F. Matthews2004-12-01
Contractor Past Performance Information (PPI) in Source Selection: A Comparative Study of Public and Private SectorRoger D. Lord2004-12-01
Government Imposed Constraints and Forecasting Analysis of the M.J. Soffe CorporationKimberly A. Donahue, Joshua M. Parsons2004-12-01
Engagement Versus Disengagement: How Structural and Commercially-Based Regulatory Changes Have Increased Government Risks in Federal AcquisitionsElliott Cory Yoder2004-11-01
Optimizing Phalanx Weapon System Life-Cycle SupportAruna Apte2004-10-01
An Analysis of Industry Perspective on the Recent Changes to the Circular A-76Brett Stevens2004-10-01
Charting a Course for Change: Acquisition Theory and Practice for a Transforming Defense NPS Acquisition Research Program2004-09-01
Using Metrics to Manage Contractor PerformanceR. Marshall Engelbeck2004-09-01
Air Force Commodity Councils: Leveraging the Power of ProcurementBeth Rairigh2004-09-01
Business Case Analysis and Contractor vs. Organizational Support: A First-Principles ViewRaymond (Chip) Franck2004-09-01
Charting a Course for Change: Acquisition Theory and Practice for a Transforming Defense - KeynoteJacques S. Gansler2004-09-01
Centralized Control of Defense Acquisition Programs: A Comparative Review of the Framework from 1987-2003John T. Dillard2004-09-01
Using the Systems Engineering Process to Balance the Interdependence of Mission Capability, Operations and Support Costs, and System Utility Rates Thom Crouch2004-09-01
Total Ownership Cost: An Exercise in DisciplineMichael W. Boudreau, Brad R. Naegle2004-09-01
The Impact of Software Support on System Total Ownership CostBrad R. Naegle2004-09-01
Characteristics of Good Metrics for Performance Based Logistics (PBL)Kenneth Doerr, Donald R. Eaton, RADM, USN (ret.), Ira A. Lewis2004-09-01
Using Metrics to Measure Contractor PerformanceR. Marshall Engelbeck2004-09-01
Downsizing the Navy: Privatization of the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Indianapolis--A Case StudyWilliam Lucyshyn, Jeffrey R. Cuskey, Jonathan Roberts2004-09-01
The Army Seeks a World Class Logistics Modernization ProgramWilliam Lucyshyn, Keith F. Snider, Robert Maly2004-09-01

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