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Improving the Management of ReliabilityDonald R. Eaton2004-08-01
The Impact of Software Support on System Total Ownership CostBrad R. Naegle2004-07-01
Downsizing in the Navy: Privatization of the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, IndianapolisWilliam Lucyshyn, Jeffrey Cuskey, Jonathan Roberts2004-07-01
Update of the Navy Contract Writing Guide, Phase II Joseph C. Espino, Chong Hunter2004-06-01
Measurement Issues in Performance Based LogisticsKenneth Doerr, Donald R. Eaton, Ira Lewis2004-06-01
The Army Seeks a World Class Logistics Modernization ProgramWilliam Lucyshyn, Keith F. Snider, Robert Maly2004-06-01
Enablers to Ensure a Successful Force Centric Logistics EnterpriseDonald R. Eaton, Stanley Arthur2004-04-01
Update of the Navy Contract Writing GuideChad E. Dean, Nathan P. Vosters2003-12-01
Marine Corps Contingency Contracting MCIKenneth A. Burger, Jonathan R. Kehr, Brian E. Wobensmith2003-12-01
Centralized Control of Defense Acquisition Programs: A Comparative Review of the Framework from 1987-2003John T. Dillard2003-09-01
Reduction of Total Ownership CostMichael W. Boudreau, Brad R. Naegle2003-09-01
Contract Closeout (A)David Lamm2003-09-01
Auto-Redact Toolset for Department of Defense ContractsRon B. Tudor2003-09-01
Transformation of Department of Defense Contract CloseoutRicardo Byrdsong, Luis A. Crespo, George A. Holland, Christopher D. Parker, Emine Gulsen Torunoglu2003-06-01
Transformation of Department of Defense Contract Closeout Christopher Parker, Michael Busansky2003-06-01
Demand Forecasting: DLACarlos Lopez and Mordocai Kiflu1999-01-01

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