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Achieving Better Buying Power through Acquisition of Open Architecture Software Systems for Web-Based and Mobile DevicesWalt Scacchi2015-05-01
DoD Software Intensive Systems Development: A Hit and Miss ProcessBrad Naegle2015-05-01
Modeling Sustainment InvestmentRobert Ferguson2015-05-01
Analysis of Defense Products Contract Trends, 1990-2014Greg Sanders2015-05-01
Contractor Past Performance Information: An Analysis of Assessment Narratives and Objective RatingsRene Rendon2015-05-01
An Open Door and a Leg Up: Increasing Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Participation in Defense Contracting Through Simplified AcquisitionsMax Kidalov2015-05-01
Analytical Tools for Affordability AnalysisDavid Tate2015-05-01
Government Contractors and Sticky SGA CostsStephen Hansen2015-05-01
Addressing the Barriers to Agile Development in DoDSu Chang2015-05-01
Finding the RITE Acquisition Environment for Navy C2 SoftwareMichael Morris2015-05-01
Use of Automated Testing to Facilitate Affordable Design of Military SystemsValdis Berzins2015-05-01
Obligations & Expenditures: An Investigation into the Factors that Affect OSD GoalsRobert Tremaine2015-05-01
Contracting Processes, Internal Controls, and Procurement Fraud: A Knowledge AssessmentJuanita Rendon 2015-05-01
Department of Defense Management of Unobligated Funds for Acquisition ProgramsWilliam Fast2015-05-01
Program and Portfolio Tradeoffs Under Uncertainty Using Epoch-Era Analysis A Case Application to Carrier Strike Group DesignParker Vascik2015-05-01
An Analytic Model for DoD Investment & Divestment DecisionsLisa Oakley-Bogdewic2015-05-01
Portfolio AcquisitionPeter Modigliani2015-05-01
Towards Rapid Re-Certification Using Formal AnalysisDaniel Smullen2015-05-01
Acquiring Secure Systems Through Information EconomicsChad Dacus2015-05-01
Practical Application of Principle-Agent and Auction Theory: A Contracting GuideWilliam Griffin2015-05-01
Antecedents And Consequences Of Federal Bid ProtestsTim Hawkins2015-05-01
Avoiding Terminations, Single Offer Competition, and Costly Changes with Fixed Price ContractsAndrew Hunter2015-05-01
Price Analysis on Commercial Item Purchases Within the Department of the NavyJanie Maddox 2015-05-01
Understanding the Relevance of Big Data and Predictive Analytics in Business and the Defense Industrial BaseMark Krzysko2015-05-01
Big Data: Big Confusion? Big Challenges?Maureen Brown2015-05-01
Industry Use Cases and the Underlying Content Analytics Technology used in Big Data and Predictive AnalyticsBrian Swanson2015-05-01
Data Science at the Defense Personnel and Security Research CenterEric Lang2015-05-01
Multiple Award, Multiple Order ContractsMatthew Duncan, Richard, Hartl2015-05-01
Improving Warehouse Inventory Management Through RFID, Barcoding, and Robotics TechnologiesEric Burke and Danny Ewing2015-04-01
Refinements to service retention limits for reparable aeronautical components (inactive inventory)Bert Cruz2015-04-01
Assessment of Aberdeen Proving Ground?Army Contracting Command, contract management processesChristohper Petree and Courtney Gary2015-04-01
Independent Research and Development (IR&D): The Challenges ContinueJacques Gansler, William Lucyshyn, Mattie Ressler2015-04-01
Are Changes in Acquisition Policy and Process and in Funding Climate Associated With Cost Growth?David McNicol2015-04-01
Measuring the Success of Acquisition Reform by Major DoD ComponentsAndrew Hunter, Gregory Sanders, Rhys McCormick, Jesse Ellman, Madison Riley2015-04-01
The Experience of Acquisition Program Managers Thinking Strategically in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) EnvironmentDale Moore2015-04-01
Enhancing Critical Thinking Through Creation of Learning Organizations Within the Confines of an Overarching Mechanistic OrganizationDavid Riel2015-04-01
Acquisition Program Lead Systems Integration/Lead Capabilities Integration Decision Support Methodology and ToolTheodore Delbo, Darryl Thrasher, Jennifer Deaton2015-04-01
How the Navy Can Use Open Systems Architecture to Revolutionize Capability Acquisition: The Naval OSA Strategy Can Yield Multiple BenefitsNickolas Guertin, Robert Sweeney, Douglas Schmidt2015-04-01
The Making of a Government LSIRon Carlson, Paul Montgomery2015-04-01
A Framework to Determine New System Requirements Under Design Parameter and Demand UncertaintiesParithi Govindaraju, Navindran Davendralingam, William Crossley2015-04-01
Engineering the Business of Defense Acquisition: An Analysis of Program Office ProcessesCharles Pickar, Raymond Jones2015-04-01
Building Excellence in Project Execution: Integrated Project ManagementJamie Schlosser2015-04-01
Make or Buy: An Analysis of the Impacts of 3D Printing Operations, 3D Laser Scanning Technology, and Collaborative Product Life-Cycle Management on Ship Maintenance and Modernization Cost SavingsDavid Ford, Tom Housel, Sandra Hom and Johnathan Mun2015-04-01
A Real Options Approach to Quantity and Cost Optimization for Lifetime and Bridge Buys of PartsNavid Goudarzi, Peter Sandborn2015-04-01
Availability-Based Importance Framework for Supplier SelectionKash Barker, Jose Ramirez-Marquez2015-04-01
Reforming Acquisition: This Time Must Be DifferentJacques Gansler, William Lucyshyn2015-04-01
Swedish Defence Acquisition TransformationThomas Ekstr2015-04-01
Three Big Ideas for Reforming Acquisition: Evidence-Based Propositions for TransformationRoy Wood2015-04-01
The Department of the Navy Systems Engineering Career Competency ModelClifford Whitcomb, Jessica Delgado, Rabia Khan, Juli Alexander, Corina White, Dana Grambow, Paul Walter2015-04-01

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