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Improving Acquisition Through Innovation in Workforce IncentivesVenkat Rao2015-04-01
Design Skills and Prototyping for Defense SystemsGene Warner2015-04-01
Competition and Bidding Data as an Indicator of the Health of the U.S. Defense Industrial BaseAndrew Hunter, Gregory Sanders, Jesse Ellman2015-04-01
Implementing Filters to Identify and Prioritize Industrial Base Risk: Rules of Thumb to Reduce Cognitive OverloadSally Sleeper, John Starns2015-04-01
Findings From Existing Data on the Department of Defense Industrial Base: Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Manufacturing ExampleNancy Moore, Clifford Grammich, Judith Mele2015-04-01
Achieving Better Buying Power Through Acquisition of Open Architecture Software Systems for Web-Based and Mobile DevicesWalk Scacchi, Thomas Alspaugh2015-04-01
DoD Software-Intenstive Systems Development: A Hit and Miss ProcessBrad Naegle2015-04-01
Investing in Software SustainmentRobert Ferguson2015-04-01
Analysis of Defense Products Contract Trends, 1990Andrew Hunter, Gregory Sanders, Jesse Ellman2015-04-01
Contractor Past Performance Information: An Analysis of Assessment Narratives and Objective RatingsRene Rendon, Uday Apte, Michael Dixon2015-04-01
Analytical Tools for Affordability AnalysisDavid Tate2015-04-01
Government Contractors and Sticky SGA CostsStephen Hansen2015-04-01
Addressing the Barriers to Agile Development in the Department of Defense: Program Structure, Requirements, and ContractingSu Chang, Pete Modigliani2015-04-01
Finding the RITE Acquisition Environment for Navy C2 SoftwareGeorge Galdorisi, Amanda George, Michael Morris2015-04-01
Use of Automated Testing to Facilitate Affordable Design of Military SystemsValdis Berzins, Paul Van Benthem, Christopher Johnson, Brian Womble2015-04-01
OSD Obligation & Expenditure Rate Goals: An Examination of the Factors Contributing to the InterferenceRobert Tremaine, Donna Seligman2015-04-01
Contracting Processes, Internal Controls, and Procurement Fraud: A Knowledge AssessmentJuanita Rendon, Rene Rendon2015-04-01
Department of Defense Management of Unobligated Funds for Acquisition ProgramsWilliam Fast2015-04-01
A Method for Exploring Program and Portfolio Affordability Tradeoffs Under Uncertainty Using Epoch-Era Analysis: A Case Application to Carrier Strike Group DesignPeter Vascik, Adam Rose, Donna Rhodes2015-04-01
An Analytic Model for DoD DivestmentsLisa Oakley-Bogdewic, Emann Osman2015-04-01
Portfolio AcquisitionPeter Modigliani2015-04-01
Towards Rapid Recertification Using Formal AnalysisDaniel Smullen, Travis Breaux2015-04-01
Antecedents and Consequences of Federal Bid ProtestsTim Hawkins, Michael Gravier, E. Cory Yoder2015-04-01
Avoiding Terminations, Single Offer Competition, and Costly Change Orders With Fixed-Price ContractsAndrew Hunter, Gregory Sanders, Alexander Lobkovsky2015-04-01
Price Analysis on Commercial Item Purchases Within the Department of the NavyJanie Maddox, Paul Fox and Ralucca Gera2015-04-01
Lexical Link Analysis Application: Improving Web Service to Acquisition Visibility Portal Phase IIIYing Zhao, Douglas MacKinnon, and Shelley Gallup2015-04-01
Evaluating Intellectual Property and Data Rights in Competition Source SelectionsEugene Pickarz2015-04-01
Orchestrating the Development of a Complex System of Systems: Systems Engineering Tools and MethodologiesCarly Jackson, Richard Volkert, George Saroch2015-04-01
Sea water air conditioning (SWAC) at Naval Base Guam: Cost-benefit analysis and acquisition strategyKevin Crisson, Peter Leestma, and Jason Grammar2015-03-01
Defense Procurement: An Analysis of Contract Management Internal ControlsJuanita Rendon and Rene Rendon2015-03-01
Auction and Game Theory Based Recommendations for DOD AcquisitionsJustin Blott, Nicholas Boardman, Andrew Cady, Jake Elliott, William Griffin, Nick Mastronardi and Parker Quinn2015-03-01
Services Acquisition in the Department of Defense: Analysis of Operational and Performance Data to Identify Drivers of SuccessRene G. Rendon, Uday Apte, and Michael Dixon2015-03-01
NATO Phase Zero ContractingE. Cory Yoder2015-02-01
Gaining Control and Predictability of Software-Intensive Systems Development and SustainmentBrad Naegle2015-02-01
Price Analysis on Commercial Item Purchases within the Department of the NavyJanie Maddox, Paul Fox and Ralucca Gera2015-02-01
Optimal Demand Execution Strategy for the Defense Logistics AgencyJeff Bogdanovich and Marc LaNore2014-12-01
Strategic Sourcing and Spend Analysis: A Case Study of the Naval Postgraduate SchoolDwayne Lyons, Thomas Maloney, and Brett Rodgers2014-12-01
The Future of Small Navy Ship Sickbays and Army Aeromedical Evacuation AircraftAyeni, Roggenkamp2014-12-01
Too Good to be Used: Analyzing Utilization of the Test Program for Certain Commercial Items in the Air ForceMatthew Fleharty and John Sharkey2014-12-01
Training for Success: A Comparison of Anti-Fraud Knowledge CompetenciesNicholas Essex and Mercedes Gaffney2014-12-01
Cost-Based Analysis of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Unmanned Aerial Systems in Filling the Role of Logistical SupportThomas Devevan2014-12-01
Domestic Disasters and Geo-Spatial Technology for the Defense Logistics AgencyAmanda Nerg and Kristie Stuckenschneider2014-12-01
Federal Contractors and Sticky CostsSteven Hansen2014-11-01
Strategies for Competition Beyond Open Architecture (OA): Acquisition at the Edge of ChaosNiraj Srivastava, Michael L. Rice and David Kwak2014-11-01
Early Synthetic Prototyping: Exploring Designs and Concepts within GamesKate Murray2014-11-01
An Analysis of the First Fifteen Years of the Department of Defense Framework for Unmanned Ground SystemsStuart McMillan and Jason McPhee2014-11-01
Contracting in Complex Operations: Toward Developing a Contracting Framework for Security Sector Reconstruction and ReformNicholas Armstrong and David Van Slyke2014-11-01
Analysis of the Department of Defense Pre-Award Contracting ProcessTitus A. Butler and Aaron Velasco2014-11-01
Using Earned Value Information to Predict Program CancellationDiana Angelis, Laura Armey and Sidney W. Hodgson III, CMDR, USN2014-08-01

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