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Optimizing Resources of United States Navy for Humanitarian OperationsDr. Aruna Apte and Dr. Keenan Yoho2014-08-01
Analyzing Resources of United States Marine Corps for Humanitarian OperationsDr. Aruna Apte and Dr. Keenan Yoho2014-08-01
HIMARS: A High Performance PBL Jacques S. Gansler and William Lucyshyn2014-08-01
An Operational Utility Assessment: Measuring the Effectiveness of the Experimental Forward Operating Base ProgramDeMerrseman, Mack, Witherill2014-07-01
A Robust Design Approach to Cost Estimation: Susan Sanchez, Matthew M. Morse, Stephen C. Upton, Mary L. McDonald and Daniel A. Nussbaum2014-07-01
Addressing Counterfeit Parts in the DoD Supply ChainJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, and John Rigilano2014-07-01
Implications of Using Computer-Based Training on System Readiness and Operating & Support CostsDiana Angelis, Robert M. McNab and William A. Gibson2014-07-01
Rethinking the Lease vs. Buy DecisionJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, and John Rigilano2014-07-01
An Alignment Analysis of the U.S. Navy Supply Corps OfficerJarrod H. Smith2014-06-01
A Qualitative Study of Affordability: Virginia and San Antonio Class ProgramsCraig Knox, Daniel Reid, Timothy Winters2014-06-01
Analysis of the Effects of Marine Corps M1A1 AbramAndrew M. Scruggs, Ryan P. Welch2014-06-01
What are the Effects of Protest Fear?LCDR Jason Calandruccio, USN, LT Brian Colbert, USN, LCDR Suquon Combs, USN2014-06-01
A New Availability-Payment Model for Pricing Performance-Based Logistics ContractsPeter Sandborn, Amir Reza Kashani-Pour, Xinyuan Zhu and Qingbin Cui2014-06-01
Modeling Uncertainty in Military Supply Chain Management DecisionsBarry R. Cobb2014-06-01
Analysis of Trends From DoD-Level Peer-Reviewed ContractsAdam G. Blevins2014-05-01
Acquisition Management for Systems-of-Systems: Affordability through Effective Portfolio ManagementDaniel A. DeLaurentis, Navindran Davendralingam, Kartavya Neema2014-05-01
The Army Materiel Requirements Documents: Qualitative Analysis Of Efficiency And EffectivenessAnh H. Ha, Nathaniel P. Costa2014-05-01
An Analysis of the Defense Acquisition Strategy for Unmanned SystemsCourtney D. Jones2014-05-01
Perceptions of Acquisition CertificationMichael D. Kaul, Brent J. Wilson2014-05-01
Reducing Costs and Increasing Productivity in Ship Maintenance Using Product Lifecycle Management, 3D Laser Scanning, and 3D PrintingCameron Mackley2014-05-01
Case Study of the U.S. Armys Should-cost Management ImplementationSam Choi, Jason A. Morneault, Daniel J. Poole2014-05-01
Deficient Contractor Business Systems: Applying the Value at Risk (VaR) Model to Earned Value Management Systems Desiree Dirige, Larry Yu2014-05-01
An Analysis of the Efficiency of Sourcing Knowledge-Based Services in the United States Air Force Mohammad Syed, Muhammad Qureshi, Brian Welch2014-05-01
How Can We Best Achieve Contracting Unity of Effort in the Centcom Area of Responsibility?Isaac Torres, Marvin Ross2014-05-01
Examination of Hiring Freeze OutcomesJacqueline M. Evans, Ezra T. Hatch2014-05-01
NPS Government Purchase Card Program: An Analysis of Internal ControlsAlana Tweed2014-05-01
What Are the Effects of Protest FearSuquon Combs, Brian Colbert, Jason Calandruccio2014-05-01
A Breakdown, Application, and Evaluation of the Resiliency Analysis Support Tool From the Operators PerspectiveJames Lomax, Ji Ahn, Lester Shewmake2014-05-01
From Push to Pull: Barriers to Marine Aviation Logistics Support Program II ModernizationJames Beeson, Anthony Ripley2014-05-01
Analysis of EA-18G Growler Engine Maintenance at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, WA Brian Story, Zulfiqar Khan, Edward Hood2014-05-01
Advanced Lithium Battery Technology for USMC Tactical Information SystemsJoshua N. Kapp2014-05-01
Defining Self-Sufficiency in the United States Marine CorpsJoshua A. Brindel, Corey J. Meche, David A. Fowler2014-05-01
Inventory Funding Methods on Navy Ships: NWCF vs. End-UseBradley Carroll, Tanya Cormier2014-05-01
Optimizing Logistics Support for Ballistic Missile Defense Ships in Sixth FleetJulio Alarcon, Timothy Boston2014-05-01
Drivers of Complexity in HADRJon K. Christensen, Jody K. Young2014-05-01
Collaboration Practices: An Analysis Within an Army Acquisition Program OfficeJoseph R. Blanton2014-05-01
Weapons System Acquisition Reform Act (WSARA) Implementation And Cost AnalysisAustin J. Banford, Daniel K. Weidman2014-05-01
A Qualitative Study in Affordability: Virginia-Class and San Antonio-Class ProgramsCraig Knox, Dan Reid, Tim Winters2014-05-01
Alignment Analysis: Organizational Strategy With Individual DevelopomentJarrod Smith2014-05-01
Analysis of ExFOB ProgramE. James Demersseman, Michael Witherill2014-05-01
Price Reasonableness Determinations on DON Commercial Item PurchasesPaul E. Fox2014-05-01
Data Analytics in Procurement Fraud PreventionBert Phillips, Joey Lanclos2014-05-01
Analysis of Trends From DOD-level Peer Reviewed ContractsAdam G. Blevins2014-05-01
Determining the Value of Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) Narratives For The Acquisition ProcessSean Black, Jarred Henley, Matthew Clute2014-05-01
Analysis of the Effects of Marine Corps M1A1 Abrams Tanks Age on Operational AvailabilityAndrew M. Scruggs, Ryan P. Welch2014-05-01
Achieving an Effective National Security Posture in an Age of AusterityJacques S. Gansler2014-05-01
Achieving an Effective National Security Posture in an Age of AusterityEleanor Spector2014-05-01
DOD Weapon Acquisition Program Outcomes and Opportunities for ImprovementMichael J. Sullivan2014-05-01
HIMARS: A High Performance PBLWilliam Lucyshyn2014-05-01
Exploring service innovation in Performance Based Contracts in the Swedish defence sector: A case study of the SK 60 trainer aircraftMichael Dorn, Thomas Ekstr2014-05-01

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