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Enabling Affordable Programs through Informed Early DecisionsMichael McGrath2014-05-01
Analyses of Alternatives (AoAs): Toward a More Rigorous Determination of ScopeGeorge E. Thompson2014-05-01
Effectiveness of Competitive Prototyping and Preliminary Design Review Prior to Milestone BWilliam R. Fast2014-05-01
Valuation of Capabilities and System Architectural options to Meet Affordability RequirementRonald E. Giachetti2014-05-01
Exploring Managerial Implications of Current DoD Contracting TrendsHarry P. Hallock2014-05-01
U.S. Department of Defense Contract Spending and the Supporting Industrial Base, 2000-2013David Berteau, Jesse Ellman, Gregory Sanders, Rhys McCormick2014-05-01
Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Drivers of Success in Services AcquisitionRene G. Rendon, Uday Apte, Michael Dixon2014-05-01
A Robust Design Approach to Cost Estimation: Solar Energy for Marine Corps Expeditionary OperationsS.M. Sanchez, M.M. Morse, S.C. Upton, M.L. McDonald, D.A. Nussbaum2014-05-01
The Budding SV3 - Estimating the Cost of Architectural Growth Early in the Life CycleMatthew Dabkowski, Ricardo Valerdi2014-05-01
Using Cost Estimating Relationships to Develop A Price Index for Tactical AircraftStan Horowitz, Bruce Harmon, Dan Levine2014-05-01
Price Analysis on Commercial Item Purchases Within the Department of the NavyPaul E. Fox2014-05-01
Analyzing the Effects of the Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform ActAustin Banford, Daniel Weidman2014-05-01
Data Analytics in Procurement Fraud PreventionJoseph Lanclos, Thurman Phillips2014-05-01
HIMARS: A High Performance PBL Case StudyJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn2014-04-01
Exploring Service Innovations in Performance Based Contracts in the Swedish Defence Sector: A Case Study of SK 60 TrainerMichael Dorn, Thomas Ekstr2014-04-01
Measuring Acquisition Workforce Quality Through Dynamic Knowledge and Performance: An Exploratory Investigation to Interrelate Acquisition Knowledge With Process MaturityMark Nissen, Rene Rendon2014-04-01
Learning Organizations: Their Importance to Systems Acquisition in DoDRobert Tremaine, Donna Seligman2014-04-01
A Comparison of Government and Industry Program Manager Competencies Roy Wood2014-04-01
Identifying Governance Best Practices in Systems-of-Systems AcquisitionJoshua Archer, David Berteau2014-04-01
Beyond Business as Usual? Better Buying Power and the Prospects for Change in Defense AcquisitionZach Huitink2014-04-01
Gaining Leverage Over Vendor Lock to Improve Acquisition Performance and Cost EfficienciesVirginia Wydler2014-04-01
Open Systems Architecture License Rights: A New Era for the PublicNickolas Guertin, Howard Reichel2014-04-01
Strategies for Competition Beyond Open Architecture (OA): Acquisition at the Edge of ChaosNiraj Srivastava, Michael Rice2014-04-01
Achieving Better Buying Power Through Cost-Sensitive Acquisition of Open Architecture Software SystemsWalt Scacchi, Thomas Alspaugh2014-04-01
Analyzing Quality Attributes as a Means to Improve Acquisition StrategiesLisa Brownsword, Cecilia Albert, Patrick Place, David Carney2014-04-01
Combining Risk Analysis and Slicing for Test Reduction in Open ArchitectureValdis Berzins2014-04-01
A Model for Understanding the Relationship Between Transaction Costs and Acquisition Cost BreachesDiana Angelis, Laura Armey, Carl Biggs2014-04-01
Digging Out the Root Cause: Nunn-McCurdy Breaches in Major Defense Acquisition ProgramsBill Shelton, Irv Blickstein, Jerry Sollinger, Charles Nemfakos2014-04-01
A New Availability-Payment Model for Pricing Performance-Based Logistics ContractsAmir KashaniPour, Xinyan Zhu, Peter Sandborn, Qingbin Cui2014-04-01
System Dynamics and Management Science Approaches Toward Increasing Acquisition Process EfficiencyJoachim Block, Heinrich Buch, Bo Hu, Armin Leopold, Stefan Pickl2014-04-01
The Construction of Defense Department Contracts in Thin MarketsTrevor Brown, Yong Woon Kim, Alex Roberts, Daniel Albalate2014-04-01
Smartphones in the Tactical Environment: A Framework for Financial Analysis of U.S. Marine Corps OptionsNick Dew, Glenn Cook, John Gibson2014-04-01
Pushing a Big Rock Up a Steep Hill: Acquisition Lessons Learned From DoD Applications StorefrontAmanda George, Michael Morris, Matthew ONeil2014-04-01
Quarrelsome Committees in U.S. Defense Acquisition: The KC-X CaseRaymond Franck, Bernard Udis2014-04-01
Rethinking the Buy vs. Lease DecisionJacques Gansler, William Lucyshyn, John Rigilano2014-04-01
Critical Choices in a Time of AusterityLou Kratz, Bradd Buckingham, Bernie Kelleher2014-04-01
Public Private Business Models for Defence AcquisitionThomas Ekstr2014-04-01
DoD Lead System Integrator (LSI) Transformation- Creating a Model Based Acquisition Framework (MBAF)Ron Carlson, Paul Montgomery2014-04-01
The Decline and Fall of Joint Acquisition ProgramsAndrew Moore, William Novak, Matthews Collins, Jay Marchetti, Julie Cohen2014-04-01
The Cost Impacts of Jointness: Insights From the NPOESS ProgramMorgan Dwyer, Zoe Szajnfarber, Bruce Cameron, Markus Bradford, Ed Crawley2014-04-01
Acquisition Risks in a World of Joint Capabilities: A Study of Interdependency ComplexityMary Maureen Brown2014-04-01
Defense Contracting Trends by Platform PortfolioDavid Berteau, Rhys McCormick, Gregory Sanders2014-04-01
The Case for the Development of a Theoretical Framework for Defence AcquisitionKevin Burgess, Thomas Ekstr2014-04-01
Identifying and Mitigating Industrial Base Risk for the DoD: Results of a Pilot StudySally Sleeper, Gene Warner, John Starns2014-04-01
The Efficacy of the Governments Use of Past Performance Information: An Exploratory StudyTim Hawkins2014-04-01
Contracting for Reform: The Challenges of Procuring Security Training and Advisory Services in Fragile EnvironmentsNicholas Armstrong, David Van Slyke2014-04-01
Price Analysis on Commercial Items Purchases Within the Department of DefenseRalucca Gera, Janie Maddox2014-04-01
Mixture Distributions for Modeling Lead Time Demand in Coordinated Supply ChainsBarry Cobb, Alan W. Johnson2014-04-01
Maintenance Enterprise Resource Planning: Information Value Among Supply Chain ElementsRogers Ascef, Alex Bordetsky, Geraldo Ferrer2014-04-01
Multi-Objective Optimization of Fleet-Level Metrics to Determine New System Design Requirements: An Application to Military Air Cargo Fuel EfficiencyParithi Govindaraju, Navindran Davendralingam, William Crossley2014-04-01

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