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A Scalable Approach to Modeling Cascading Risk in the MDAP NetworkAnita Raja, Mohammad Hasan, Shalini Rajanna, Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi2014-04-01
Promoting Affordability in Defense Acquisitions: A Multi-Period Portfolio ApproachNavindran Davendralingam, Daniel DeLaurentis2014-04-01
Lexical Link Analysis Application: Improving Web Service to Acquisition Visibility Portal Phase IIYing Zhao, Shelley Gallup, Douglas MacKinnon2014-04-01
Disruptive and Sustaining Technology Development Approaches in Defense AcquisitionGene Warner2014-04-01
Analyzing Patents Generated by SBIR FirmsToby Edison2014-04-01
Potential Cost Savings for Use of 3D Printing Combined With 3D Imaging and CPLM for Fleet Maintenance and RevitalizationDavid Ford, Tom Housel2014-04-01
Does Computer Based Training Impact Maintenance Costs and Actions? An Empirical Analysis of the U.S. Navys AN/SQQ-89(v) Sonar SystemRobert McNab, Diana Angelis2014-04-01
AoAs: Toward a More Rigorous Determination of ScopeGeorge Thompson, Jaime Frittman, John Yuhas2014-04-01
Effectiveness of Competitive Prototyping and Preliminary Design Review Prior to Milestone BWilliam Fast2014-04-01
Valuation of Capabilities and System Architecture Options to Meet Affordability RequirementRonald Giachetti2014-04-01
U.S. Department of Defense Contract Spending and the Supporting Industrial Base, 2000-2013David Berteau, Jesse Ellman, Gregory Sanders, Rhys McCormick2014-04-01
Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Drivers of Success in Services AcquisitionRene Rendon, Uday Apte, Michael Dixon2014-04-01
A Robust Design Approach to Cost Estimation: Solar Energy for Marine Corps Expeditionary OperationsSusan Sanchez, Matthew M. Morse, Stephen Upton, Mary L. McDonald, Daniel A. Nussbaum2014-04-01
The Budding SV3: Estimating the Cost of Architectural Growth Early in the Life CycleMatthew Dabkowski, Ricardo Valerdi2014-04-01
Using Cost Estimating Relationships to Develop A Price Index for Tactical AircraftStanley Horowitz, Bruce Harmon, Daniel Levine2014-04-01
DoD Source Selection: Competencies, Deficiencies, and RemediesWilliam Sims Curry2014-04-01
Enabling National Security Through Dual-Use TechnologyLou Kratz, Bradd A. Buckingham, MG Tzyh-Chyang Chang2014-04-01
Strategic Planning and Management in Defense Systems AcquisitionStanley Rosen2014-04-01
Non-Traditional Commercial Defense Contractors Jacques, S. Gansler, William C. Greenwalt, William Lucyshyn2014-03-01
Quantitative and Qualitative Hiring Freeze Outcomes at the U.S. Army Mission and Installation Contracting CommandJacqueline Evans, Ezra Hatch2014-03-01
Improving the DoD's Tooth-to-Tail RatioJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn2014-03-01
Reducing Costs and Increasing Productivity in Ship Maintenance Using Product Lifecycle Management, 3D Laser Scanning, and 3D PrintingCameron J. Mackley2014-03-01
Analyses of Alternatives (AoAs): Toward a More Rigorous Determination of ScopeGeorge E. Thompson, Jaime Frittman, and John Yuhas2014-03-01
NPS Government Purchase Card Program: An Analysis of Internal ControlsAlana M. Tweed2014-03-01
Valuation of Capabilities and System Architecture Options to Meet Affordability RequirementsRonald E. Giachetti2014-03-01
Collaboration Practices: An Analysis Within an Army Acquisition Program OfficeJoseph R. Blanton2014-03-01
Acquisition Research for Design and Service EnterprisesManbir Sodhi2014-02-01
Transaction Costs and Cost Breaches in Major Defense Acquisition ProgramsCarl T. Biggs, Diana I. Angelis, Laura Armey, Raymond Franck2014-02-01
Improving Defense Acquisition Management and Policy Through a Life-Cycle Affordability FrameworkWesley S. Randall, David R. Nowicki2014-02-01
Identifying Governance Best Practices in Systems-of-Systems AcquisitionDavid Berteau, Guy Ben-Ari, Joshua Archer2014-02-01
Enterprise Requirements and Acquisition Model (ERAM) Analysis and ExtensionJohn M. Colombi, J. Robert Wirthlin, Teresa Wu2014-02-01
The Impact of Globalization of the U.S. Defense Industrial BaseJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, John Rigilano2014-02-01
Visualization of Big Data Through Ship Maintenance Metrics Analysis for Fleet Maintenance and RevitalizationIsaac J. Donaldson, Thomas J. Housel, Johnathan Mun, Sandra Hom, Trent Silkey2014-02-01
Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Drivers of Success in Services AcquisitionRene G. Rendon, Uday Apte, Michael Dixon2014-01-01
Analysis of Marine Corps Renewable Energy Planning to Meet Installation Energy Security RequirementsChristopher M. Chisom, Jack C. Templeton2013-12-01
Case Study of the U.S. ArmyYeong "Sam" M. Choi, Jason A. Morneault, Daniel J. Poole2013-12-01
Exploring the Efficacy of the GovernmentTimothy G. Hawkins2013-12-01
Is Electronic Life-Cycle Tracking of Aircraft Parts Degrading Readiness?Eric Henzler, Mark Williams2013-12-01
A Cost Analysis for Life-Cycle Preventive Maintenance, Administrative Storage, and Condition-Based Maintenance for the U.S. Marine Corps Medium Tactical Vehicle ReplacementPaul Goguen, Scott Purcell2013-12-01
Potential Cost Savings for Use of 3D Printing Combined With 3D Imaging and CPLM for Fleet Maintenance and RevitalizationDavid N. Ford, Tom Housel2013-12-01
Drivers of Complexity in Humanitarian OperationsJon K. Christensen, Jody K. Young2013-12-01
Life-Cycle Cost Analysis for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Deployed Aboard Coast Guard CuttersTheodore J. Erdman, Christopher Mitchum2013-12-01
Applying and Measuring the Value of Utility Modeling in Defense Acquisition Decision-MakingNathan Burgess, Keith Jordan2013-11-01
An Analysis of the Defense Acquisition Strategy for Unmanned SystemsCourtney David Jones2013-11-01
Analysis of the Potential Impact of Additive Manufacturing on Army LogisticsBrock A. Zimmerman, Ellis E. Allen2013-11-01
Qualification Requirement Perceptions of the United States Army Acquisition Workforce Since Implementation of the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA)Michael D. Kaul, Brent J. Wilson2013-11-01
A Feasibility Study of Implementing A Bring-Your-Own-Computing-Device PolicyJeffrey Carideo, Tim Walker, Jason Williams2013-11-01
Management Levers That Drive Services Contracting SuccessJeffrey Hart, Adam Stover, Trenton Wilhite2013-11-01
Building a Capabilities Network to Improve Disaster Preparation Efforts in the Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) Area of Responsibility (AOR)Timothy Fitz-Gerald Jr., Terry D. Harper, Lance Koelkebeck2013-11-01
Analysis of United States Marine Corps Operations in Support of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster ReliefJared R. Gastrock, Juan J. Iturriaga2013-11-01

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