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A Complex Systems Perspective of Risk Mitigation and Modeling in Development and Acquisition ProgramsRoshanak Nilchiani, Antonio Pugliese2016-05-01
Benchmarking Naval Shipbuilding With 3D Laser Scanning, Additive Manufacturing, and Collaborative Product Lifecycle ManagementDavid Ford, Tom Housel, Sandra Hom, Jonathan Mun2016-05-01
Materials Testing and Cost Modeling for Composite Parts Through Additive ManufacturingEric Holm, Vhance Valencia, Alfred Thal, Jason Freels, Adedeji Badiru2016-05-01
Costing Future Complex and Novel ProjectsMichael Pryce2016-05-01
Controlling Costs: The 6-3-5 MethodBruce Nagy, Morgan Ames2016-05-01
Costing for the Future: Exploring Cost Estimation With Unmanned Autonomous SystemsRicardo Valerdi, Thomas Ryan2016-05-01
Organization Analytics: Taking Cost-per-Dollar-Obligated (CPDO) Measures to the Next Level in Defense ContractingTimothy Reed, James Keller, John Fallon2016-05-01
Assessment of Navy Contract Management ProcessesRene Rendon2016-05-01
Designing and Managing Successful International Joint Development ProgramsAndrew Philip Hunter, Gregory Sanders, Samantha Cohen2016-05-01
Big Data Analysis of Contractor Performance Information for Services Acquisition in DoD: A Proof of ConceptUday Apte, Rene Rendon, Michael Dixon2016-05-01
Knowledge, Experience, and Training in Incentive Contracting for the Department of DefenseKevin Carman, Randall Gibson2016-05-01
Learning in the Shadows: A Retrospective ViewDonna Kinnear-Seligman2016-05-01
The Role of Inflation and Price Escalation Adjustments in Properly Estimating Program Costs: F-35 Case StudyStanley Horowitz, Bruce Harmon2016-05-01
The Impact of Learning Curve Model Selection and Criteria for Cost Estimation Accuracy in the DoDCandice Honious, Brandon Johnson, John Elshaw, Adedeji Badiru2016-05-01
Cost and Price CollaborationVenkat Rao, David Holm, Patrick Watkins2016-05-01
A Conceptual Framework for Adaptive Project Management in the Department of DefenseMartin Brown2016-05-01
Program Affordability TradeoffsBrian Schmidt, Josie Sterling, Patricia Salamone, Ginny Wydler2016-05-01
Squaring the Project Management Circle: Updating the Cost, Schedule, and Performance MethodologyCharles Pickar2016-05-01
Weapon Acquisition Program Outcomes and Efforts to Reform DOD's Acquisition ProcessMichael Sullivan2016-05-01
Incorporation of Outcome-Based Contract Requirements in a Real Options Approach for Predictive Maintenance PlanningXin Lei, Navid Goudarzi, Amir Kashani Pour, Peter Sandborn2016-05-01
Measuring the Return on Investment and Real Option Value of Weather Sensor Bundles for Air Force Unmanned Aerial VehiclesThomas Housel, David Ford, Johnathan Mun, Sandra Hom, Richard Bergin, Erik Jansen, David M. Harris, Mathew Cornachio2016-05-01
Acquiring Technical Data with Renewable Real OptionsMichael McGrath, Christopher Prather 2016-05-01
Update on the Department of the Navy Systems Engineering Career Competency ModelCorina White, Clifford Whitcomb, Rabia Khan, Jose Velez, Jessica Delgado, Dana Grambow2016-05-01
Content Analysis in Systems Engineering Acquisition ActivitiesKaren Holness2016-05-01
Rethinking the Systems Engineering Process in Light of Design ThinkingRonald Giachetti, Clifford Whitcomb2016-05-01
Acquisition Cycle Time: Defining the ProblemDavid Tate 2016-05-01
Schedule AnalyticsTom Fugate, Jennifer Manring2016-05-01
Toward Realistic Acquisition Schedule Estimates Raymond Franck, Greg Hildebrandt, Bernard Udis2016-05-01
Preparing to be WrongPrashant Patel, Michael Fischerkeller 2016-05-01
Further Evidence on the Effect of Acquisition Policy and Process on Cost GrowthDavid McNicol 2016-05-01
Consequences of BBPGregory Davis, Lawrence Goeller, Stanley Horowitz2016-05-01
Achieving Better Buying Power for Mobile Open Architecture Software Systems Through Diverse Acquisition ScenariosWalt Scacchi, Thomas Alspaugh2016-05-01
Navy Mobile Apps Acquisition: Doing it in Weeks, not Months or Years Jacob Aplanalp2016-05-01
Architecting Out Software Intellectual Property Lock-In: A Method to Advance the Efficacy of BBPChris Berardi, Bruce Cameron, Dan Sturdevant, Carliss Baldwin, Ed Crawley2016-05-01
Mining for Gold: Developing and Implementing a Strategic Sourcing Prioritization Model for the United States Air ForceKaren Landale, Roger Westermeyer, John Sharkey, Rick Keller, Carl Parson, Michael Rankin, Justin Keeney 2016-05-01
An Economic Analysis of the Truth in Negotiations Act (TINA)Chong Wang, Rene Rendon, Crystal Champion, Meredith Ellen, Jenny Walk 2016-05-01
Freedom of Market Navigation Versus Duty of Economic Rescue: The U.S. Department of the NavyMax Kidalov2016-05-01
Issues With Access to Acquisition Data and Information in the Department of Defense: Doing Data Right in Weapon System AcquisitionNancy Moore, Megan McKernan2016-05-01
Issues with Access to Acquisition Data and Information in the Department of Defense: Policy and PracticeMegan McKernan, Jessie Riposo2016-05-01
Improving Security in Software Acquisition and Runtime Integration with Data Retention Specifications Daniel Smullen, Travis Breaux 2016-05-01
The Cybersecurity Challenge in AcquisitionSonia Kaestner, Craig Arndt, Robin Dillon-Merrill2016-05-01
Federal Research and Development Contract Trends and the Supporting Industrial Base, 2000-2014 Jesse Ellman2016-05-01
Identifying and Mitigating the Impact of the Budget Control Act on High Risk Sectors and Tiers of the Defense Industrial Base: Assessment Approach to Industrial Base RisksLirio Aviles, Sally Sleeper2016-05-01
Future Contracting for AvailabilityLou Kratz 2016-05-01
Performance-Based Logistics: Examining the Successes and Challenges When Operating in Stressful EnvironmentsWilliam Lucyshyn 2016-05-01
Effective PBLs Through Simultaneous Optimization and Simulation of Maintenance, Manpower, and Spare PartsJustin Woulfe2016-05-01
The Sixth-Generation QuandaryRaymond Franck, Bernard Udis2016-05-01
Blockmodeling and the Estimation of Evolutionary Architectural Growth in Major Defense Acquisition ProgramsMatthew Dabkowski, Ricardo Valerdi2016-05-01
An Assessment of Early Competitive Prototyping for Major Defense Acquisition Programs William Fast2016-05-01
Modeling Uncertainty and Its Implications in Complex Interdependent NetworksAnita Raja, Mohammad Rashedul Hasan, Robert Flowe, Brendan Fernes2016-05-01

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