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Improving Rapid Acquisition: A Review of the Riverine Command Boat ProcurementWalter Laptew, DeAundrae Rogers, Jason Ross2013-11-01
How Can We Best Achieve Contracting Unity of Effort in the CENTCOM Area of Responsibility?Isaac Torres, Marvin Ross2013-11-01
Optimizing Logistics Support for Ballistic Missile Defense Ships in Sixth FleetJulio Alarcon, Timothy Boston2013-11-01
CostClinton Collins, Robert Williamson2013-11-01
Army Aviation Equipment Useful Life Cost Benefit AnalysisPatrick Baker, Bryan Riddle, Jeremy Scott2013-11-01
Defense Acquisition and the Case of the Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration Office: Ad Hoc Problem Solving as a Mechanism for Adaptive ChangeKathryn Aten, John T. Dillard2013-10-01
The Logistics Burden in Fully Burdened Cost EstimatesEva Regnier, Jay Simon, Aruna Apte, John Khawam, Daniel Nussbaum2013-10-01
Price Analysis on Commercial Item Purchases Within the Department of Defense Ralucca Gera, Janie Maddox2013-10-01
Streamlining the Process of Acquiring Secure Open Architecture Software SystemsWalt Scacchi, Thomas A. Alspaugh2013-10-01
Measuring Acquisition Workforce Quality Through Dynamic Knowledge and Performance: An Exploratory Investigation to Interrelate Acquisition Knowledge With Process MaturityMark E. Nissen, Rene G. Rendon2013-10-01
Defining Self-Sufficiency in the United States Marine CorpsJoshua A. Brindel, David A. Fowler, Corey J. Meche2013-10-01
Improved Acquisition for System Sustainment: Multiobjective Tradeoff Analysis for Condition-Based Decision-MakingKash Barker2013-10-01
Platform Design for Fleet-Level EfficiencyWilliam A. Crossley2013-10-01
Using Leading Indicators to Improve DoD AcquisitionsJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn2013-10-01
One Size Does Not Fit All: A System Development PerspectiveErik LaSalle2013-09-01
Addressing Risk in the Acquisition Lifecycle With Enterprise SimulationDouglas A. Bodner2013-09-01
Improving Acquisition Process Efficiency via Risk-Based TestingValdis Berzins2013-09-01
Issues and Challenges in Self-Sustaining Response Supply ChainsDr. Aruna Apte, Dr. John Khawam, Dr. Eva Regnier, Dr. Jay Simon, Dr. Daniel Nussbaum2013-09-01
The DoD's Use of Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) Price SelectionJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn2013-09-01
Smartphones in the Tactical Environment: A Framework for Financial Analysis of U.S. Marine Corps OptionsDr. Nicholas Dew, Glenn Cook, John Gibson2013-09-01
Combining MMOWGLI Social Media Brainstorming with Lexical Link Analysis (LLA) to Strengthen the DoD Acquisition ProcessYing Zhao, Don Brutzman, Douglas J. MacKinnon2013-09-01
Affordability Tradeoffs Under Uncertainty Using Epoch-Era AnalysisDonna H. Rhodes, Adam M. Ross2013-09-01
Lexical Link Analysis Application: Improving Web Service to Acquisition Visibility PortalYing Zhao, Shelley P. Gallup, Douglas J. MacKinnon2013-09-01
Real Options in Military System Acquisition: The Case Study of Technology Development for the Javelin Anti-Tank Weapon SystemDiana Angelis, David N. Ford, John Dillard2013-08-01
Implications and Constraints of Fiscal Laws in Contingency ContractingAngela M. Calhoun, Marcia R. Larssen2013-08-01
Cost Reduction Through the Use of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) and Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management Technologies to Enhance the NavyMichael E. Kenney2013-08-01
Composite Airframe Cost Estimation Model Research: Report on ActivityAdedeji Badiru, J. RobertWirthlin, Jeffrey D. Weir, M. Al-Romaihi, Stephen Clay, Som Soni2013-07-01
Rethinking Import and Export Controls for Defense-Related GoodsJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn2013-07-01
Formal Analysis of Privacy Requirements Specifications for Multi-Tier Applications Dr. Travis D. Breaux, Ashwini Rao2013-07-01
Computer-aided Process and Tools for Mobile Software AcquisitionDr. Man-Tak Shing, Dr. Thomas W. Otani, Christopher Bonine2013-07-01
Make or Buy: A Systematic Approach to Department of Defense Sourcing DecisionsDavid Berteau, Guy Ben-Ari, Jesse Ellman, Joachim Hofbauer2013-07-01
Deficient Contractor Business Systems: Applying the Value at Risk (VaR) Model to Earned Value Management SystemsDesiree S. Dirige, Larry H. Yu2013-06-01
The Army Materiel Requirements Documents: Qualitative Analysis of Efficiency and EffectivenessNathaniel P. Costa, Anh H. Ha2013-06-01
Analysis and Recommendation for a Fifteen Percent Cut in Space and Naval Warfare Command for Management Support ServicesKurt Celis, Warren Sherman, Matthew Shiels2013-06-01
Life-Cycle Cost Modeling to Determine Whether Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Integration and Ancillary Service Revenue Can Generate a Viable Case for Plug-In Electric Drive VehiclesJoseph F. Monahan2013-06-01
A Review and Analysis of Upgrades to Naval and Air Force Aircraft to Identify Similarities and Trends From Fiscal Year 1998 to Fiscal Year 2013Christopher Sylvester2013-06-01
How Does the Supply Requisitioning Process Affect Average Customer Wait Time Onboard U.S. Navy Destroyers?Andrew Phillips, Pamela Saucedo2013-05-01
Wave Release Strategies to Improve Service in Order Fulfillment SystemsKevin R. Gue, Erdem 2013-05-01
Inventory Funding Methods on Navy Ships: NWCF vs. End-UseBradley C. Carroll, Tanya K. Cormier2013-05-01
Business Case Analysis: Continuous Integrated Logistics Support-Targeted Allowance Technique (CILSThomas E. Arnold, Anthony P. Bannister, Daniel T. Jones2013-05-01
An Analysis of the Efficiency of Sourcing Knowledge-Based Services in the United States Air ForceMohammad Syed, Muhammad Qureshi, Brian Welch2013-05-01
Analysis of EA-18G Growler Engine Maintenance at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, WAEdward U. Hood, Zulfiqar A. Khan, Brian C. Story2013-05-01
Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Acquisition Research Symposium Acquisition Research Program2013-04-01
Acquisition Management for System of Systems: Requirement Evolution and Acquisition Strategy PlanningDaniel DeLaurentis2013-04-01
Contingency Contracting Officer Proficiency Assessment Test Development for Construction, Architect-Engineer, and Contingency ContractingWilliam Hunt, Michael Garrett, Thomas Lutz2013-04-01
A Breakdown, Application, and Evaluation of the Resiliency Analysis Support Tool (RAST) From the OperatorJames Lomax, Ji Ahn, Lester Shewmake2013-04-01
A Trainee Demand Analysis for the Expansion of the Marine Corps Embassy Security GroupRichard T. Slack2013-04-01
Lexical Link Analysis Application: Improving Web Service to Acquisition Visibility PortalYing Zhao, Shelley Gallup, Douglas MacKinnon2013-04-01
Naval Ship Maintenance: An Analysis of the Dutch Shipbuilding Industry Using the Knowledge Value Added, Systems Dynamics, and Integrated Risk Management MethodologiesDavid N. Ford, Thomas J. Housel, Johnathan C. Mun2013-04-01
Capturing Creative Program Management Best PracticesBrandon Keller, J. Robert Wirthlin2013-04-01

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