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The RITE Approach to Agile AcquisitionTimothy Boyce, Nicholas Roussel, Iva Sherman2013-04-01
Challenge-Based Acquisition: Stimulating Innovative Solutions Faster and Cheaper by Asking the Right QuestionsVirginia Wydler, Richard Weatherly, Matthew D. Day, Scott Anderson, Michael Arendt2013-04-01
Defense Acquisition and the Case of the Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration Office: Ad Hoc Problem Solving as a Mechanism for Adaptive ChangeKathryn Aten, John T. Dillard2013-04-01
A Comparative Assessment of the Navys Future Naval Capabilities Process and Joint Staff Capability Gap Assessment Process as Related to Pacific Commands Integrated Priority List SubmissionJaime Frittman, Sibel McGee, John Yuhas2013-04-01
Enabling Design for Affordability: An Epoch-Era Analysis ApproachMichael A. Schaffner, Marcus Wu Shihong, Adam M. Ross, Donna H. Rhodes2013-04-01
Measuring Dynamic Knowledge and Performance at the Tactical Edges of Organizations: Assessing Acquisition Workforce QualityMark E. Nissen2013-04-01
Outcome-Focused Market Intelligence: Extracting Better Value and Effectiveness From Strategic SourcingTimothy G. Hawkins, Michael E. Knipper, Timothy S. Reed2013-04-01
Time as an Independent Variable: A Tool to Drive Cost Out of and Efficiency Into Major Acquisition ProgramsJ. David Patterson2013-04-01
The Impact of Globalization on the U.S. Defense IndustryJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn2013-04-01
Bottleneck Analysis on the DoD Pre-Milestone B Acquisition ProcessesEugene Rex Jalao, Teresa Wu, Danielle Worger, Christopher Auger, Lars Baldus, Brian Yoshimoto, J. Robert Wirthlin, John Colombi2013-04-01
Software Acquisition Patterns of Failure and How to Recognize ThemLisa Brownsword, Cecilia Albert, Patrick Place, David Carney2013-04-01
Fewer Mistakes on the First Day: Architectural Strategies and Their Impacts on Acquisition OutcomesLinda McCabe, Anthony C. Wicht2013-04-01
The Joint Program Dilemma: Analyzing the Pervasive Role That Social Dilemmas Play in Undermining Acquisition Success William E. Novak, Andrew Moore, Jay D. Marchetti, Julie B. Cohen, Matthew L. Collins2013-04-01
Acquisition Risks in a World of Joint Capabilities: A Study of Interdependency ComplexityMary Maureen Brown 2013-04-01
Leveraging Structural Characteristics of Interdependent Networks to Model Non-Linear Cascading RisksAnita Raja, Mohammad Rashedul Hasan, Shalini Rajanna, Ansaf Salleb-Aoussi2013-04-01
Weapons Acquisition Reform: Reform Act Is Helping DoD Acquisition Programs Reduce Risk, but Implementation Challenges RemainMichael J. Sullivan2013-04-01
Service-Oriented Architecture Afloat: A Capabilities-Based Prioritization SchemeMatthew C. Horton, Diana I. Angelis2013-04-01
The Impact of Computer-Based Training on Operating and Support Costs for the AN/SQQ-89(v) Sonar SystemDiana I. Angelis, William A. Gibson2013-04-01
The GAO's 11th Annual Assessment of Selected Weapon ProgramsMichael J. Sullivan2013-04-01
Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Defining and Measuring Success of Services Contracts in the U.S. NavyUday Apte, Rene Rendon2013-04-01
Make or Buy: A Systematic Approach to Department of Defense Sourcing Decisions for Services, An Interim ReportDavid Berteau, Guy Ben-Ari, Jesse Ellman, Joachim Hofbauer2013-04-01
Software Should-Cost Analysis with Parametric Estimation ToolsRobert Ferguson2013-04-01
The Use of Inflation Indexes in the Department of DefenseStanley A. Horowitz, Alexander O. Gallo, Daviel B. Levine, Robert J. Shue, Robert W. Thomas2013-04-01
Political Connections of the Boards of Directors and Defense ContractorsChong Wang2013-04-01
An Analytical Synopsis of Dr. Ashton CarterE. Cory Yoder2013-04-01
Quantifying Uncertainty for Early Life Cycle Cost EstimatesJim McCurley, Robert Ferguson, Dennis Goldenson, Robert Stoddard, David Zubrow2013-04-01
Fully-Burdened Cost of Supply in Self-Sustaining Logistics NetworksEva Regnier, Jay Simon, Daniel Nussbaum, Aruna Apte, John Khawam2013-04-01
Platform Design for Fleet-Level Efficiency: Application for Air Mobility Command (AMC)Jung Hoon Choi, Parithi Govindaraju, Navindran Davendralingam, William Crossley2013-04-01
Improving DoD Energy Efficiency: Combining MMOWGLI Social-Media Brainstorming With Lexical Link Analysis (LLA) to Strengthen the Defense Acquisition ProcessYing Zhao, Don Brutzman, Douglas J. MacKinnon2013-04-01
Addressing Counterfeit Parts in the DoD Supply ChainJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, John Rigilano2013-04-01
Wave Release Strategies to Improve Service in Order Fulfillment SystemsErdem Ceven, Kevin Gue2013-04-01
Issues and Challenges in Self-Sustaining Response Supply ChainsAruna Apte, John Khawam, Eva Regnier, Jay Simon, Daniel Nussbaum2013-04-01
Lead-Time Demand Modeling in Continuous Review Supply Chain Models Barry R. Cobb, Alan W. Johnson 2013-04-01
Improving Multi-Component Maintenance Acquisition with a Greedy Heuristic Local AlgorithmSifat Kalam, Kash Barker, Jose Emmanuael Ramirez-Marquez2013-04-01
An Internal, Demand-Side Approach Toward Implementing Strategic Sourcing: Political, Legal, and Economic ConsiderationsJohn Fallon, Timothy Reed2013-04-01
Optimizing Causes of Procurement Cost Through Strategic Sourcing: The Impact of Rate, Process, and DemandTimothy Reed, Michael Knipper, John Fallon 2013-04-01
Managing Risk in Mobile Applications With Formal Security PoliciesTravis Breaux, Ashwini Rao2013-04-01
Streamlining the Process of Acquiring Secure Open Architecture Software SystemsWalt Scacchi, Thomas A. Alspaugh2013-04-01
Acquisition Management for System of Systems: Affordability through Effective Portfolio ManagementNavindran Davendralingam, Daniel DeLaurentis2013-04-01
Identifying Governance Best Practices in Systems-of-Systems AcquisitionDavid J. Berteau, Guy Ben-Ari, Joshua Archer, Sneha Raghavan2013-04-01
The Making of a DoD Acquisition Lead System Integrator (LSI)Paul Montgomery, Ron Carlson, John Quartuccio2013-04-01
Innovating Naval Business Using a War GameNickolas Guertin, Brian Womble, Paul Bruhns2013-04-01
Computer-Aided Process and Tools for Mobile Software AcquisitionChristopher Bonine, Man-Tak Shing, Thomas W. Otani2013-04-01
Mobile Device Management in the DoD Enterprise Network: Factors for Risk Management, Integration, and IT AcquisitionBrian K. Jones, Donald E. Pratt2013-03-01
Analysis of Marine Corps Efforts in the Pursuit of the Joint Blue Force Situational Awareness CapabilityNorris J. Alexander2013-03-01
Estimating Supply-Chain Burdens in Support of Acquisition Decisions Eva Regnier, Daniel Nussbaum, Jay Simon2013-03-01
Equitably Distributing Quality of Marine Security Guards Using Integer ProgrammingJonathan Y. Sabado2013-03-01
From Push to Pull: Barriers to MALSP ModernizationJames Beeson, Anthony D. Ripley2013-02-01
Facilitating Decision Choices with Cascading Consequences in Interdependent Program NetworksAnita Raja, Mohammad Rashedul Hasan2013-02-01
Mixed Methodological Approach to Advance the Analytical Examination of Performance Based Acquisition and Sustainment StrategiesDavid R. Nowicki, Jose E. Ramirez-Marquez, Wesley S. Randall2013-02-01

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