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Political Connections of the Boards of Directors and Defense ContractorsChang Wang2013-01-01
The Impact of Maintenance Free Operating Period Approach to Acquisition Approaches, System Sustainment, and CostsThomas J. Housel, Sandy Hom, Nickolas H. Guertin2013-01-01
An Analytical Evaluation of Contingency Contracting Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan: Capturing Critical Corporate Knowledge for the FutureRyan Ocampo, Jennifer A. Mapp2013-01-01
Multi-Objective Optimization of System Capability Satisficing in Defense AcquisitionBrian J. Sauser, Jose E. Ramirez-Marquez2013-01-01
Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Defining and Measuring Success of Services Contracts in the U.S. NavyUday Apte, Rene Rendon2013-01-01
Fully Burdened Cost of Energy Analysis: A Model for Marine Corps SystemsRichard H Witt III, Christopher E. Larson2013-01-01
An Analysis of Aviation Maintenance Operations and Supporting Costs, and Cost Capturing SystemsAlejandro Palomino, Jesse Cameron Epp2012-12-01
Total Life Cycle Management for the Special Operations Craft RiverineTravis S. Bowser, Nathan W. Hatfield, Lasse Horvik2012-12-01
Defining and Measuring the Success of Services Contracts in the United States NavyPatrick Hagan, Joseph Spede, Trisha Sutton2012-12-01
DoD Implementation of the Better Buying Power InitiativesShamika Woodruff2012-12-01
Risk Assessment of Readiness and Life Cycle Cost for Weapon SystemsKeebom Kang, Kenneth H. Doerr2012-12-01
An Examination of the Technical Product Knowledge of Contracting Professionals at Air Force System Program OfficesJames P. Gallagher2012-12-01
A Comparative Assessment of NavyJaime Frittman, Sibel McGee, John Yuhas2012-12-01
International Defense Acquisition Management and the Fifth-Generation Fighter QuandaryRaymond E. Franck, Ira Lewis, Holden Simmonds, Bernard Udis2012-12-01
Acquisition Risks in a World of Joint Capabilities: A Study of Interdependency ComplexityMary Maureen Brown2012-12-01
Test and Evaluation of Program Slicing ToolsValdis Berzins, Richard Pudadera, Amir Z2012-12-01
Does Size Really Matter? How Quality Should be Analyzed for the Acquisition WorkforceDina Shatnawi, Marco DiRenzo2012-12-01
An Analysis of the Effect of Knowledge Management on the Execution of Simplified Acquisition ProceduresJon D. Barnes, Hugh J. Williams2012-12-01
An Analysis of Department of Defense Services Contract Trends, 1990-2011David Berteau, Guy Ben-Ari, David Morrow, Jesse Ellman, Gregory Sanders, Luke Heselden 2012-12-01
Benchmarking Dutch and U.S. Naval Shipbuilding: Reducing U.S. Naval Shipbuilding Costs Using Collaborative PLM and 3D Imaging Kevin Shannon, Thomas J. Housel, Erik Jansen, Trent Silkey2012-11-01
Fully Burdened Cost of Retrograde, Redeployment, Reconstitution, and Reset and Analysis of Alternatives (FBCR4 & AoA): New Model to Formulate Strategic Decisions for Deployed Ground Vehicle EquipmentJonathan P. Farrar, John P. Lloyd2012-11-01
An Empirical Study of the Social Network of the Contracting OfficerJonathan W. Judy2012-11-01
Aviation Logistics in U.S. Pacific Command: A Cost-Based Analysis and Comparative Advantage to Commercial ShipmentTod B. Diffey; Matthew J. Beck2012-11-01
An Analysis of Contract Management Processes at the Space and Missile Systems Center and the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (WrightWilliam Y. Chang, Geoffrey A. Levine, Keith V. Philaphandeth2012-11-01
Case Study: Readiness and Total Ownership Cost Analyses for New Fighter Aircraft, F-XXKeebom Kang, Kenneth H. Doerr2012-11-01
Extended Warranty Management in the Department of DefenseNoah Myung, John Khawam2012-10-01
Naval Ship Maintenance: An Analysis of the Dutch Shipbuilding Industry Using the Knowledge Value Added, Systems Dynamics, and Integrated Risk Management MethodologiesDavid N. Ford, Thomas J. Housel, Johnathan Mun2012-10-01
Toward an Operational Proxy for Acquisition Workforce Quality: Measuring Dynamic Knowledge and Performance at the Tactical Edges of OrganizationsMark E. Nissen2012-10-01
Fixed-Price Development Contracts: A Historical PerspectiveJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, and Jiahuan Lu2012-10-01
Applications of Lexical Link Analysis Web Service for Large-Scale Automation, Validation, Discovery, Visualization, and Real-Time Program AwarenessYing Zhao, Shelley P. Gallup, Douglas J. MacKinnon2012-10-01
An Experiment of the Risk Behavior of the DoD WorkforceDonald McKeon2012-10-01
Review and Analysis of GAO Reports on Major Weapon SystemsDonald McKeon2012-10-01
A Survey and Study of the Risk Behavior of the DoD WorkforceDonald McKeon2012-10-01
Implementing System-of-Systems GovernanceJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, and John Rigilano 2012-10-01
Rapid Execution of an Analysis of Alternatives for NATO Special Operations HQ: A Smart Defense ApproachMarcos A. Cervantes, Christopher K. Enderton, Joshua S. Powers2012-09-01
Analyzing the U.S. Marine Corps Enterprise Information Technology Framework for IT Acquisition and Portfolio GovernanceTimothy R. Shives, Laban M. Pelz2012-09-01
An Analysis of Information Systems Technology Initiatives and Small Businesses in the DoD SBIR ProgramSean H. Ryburn2012-09-01
An Analysis of the Potential Impacts of Ashton CarterE. Cory Yoder2012-09-01
Total Ownership Cost a Decade Into the 21st CenturyBrad Naegle, Michael W. Boudreau2012-09-01
Business Models for Cost Sharing & Capability SustainmentMichael Pryce2012-08-01
Achieving Data Quality Within the Logistics Modernization ProgramBrian R. Freeman2012-08-01
Contracting Officer Workload and Contractual Terms: Theory and Evidence Nancy M. Huff, Patrick L. Warren2012-08-01
Acquisition of Modular Low Earth Orbit Satellites for Improved Intelligence CollectionRandy Staab2012-08-01
Investigating Advances in the Acquisition of Secure Systems Based on Open ArchitecturesWalt Scacchi, Thomas A. Alspaugh2012-08-01
Strategic Acquisition of Navy Unmanned Systems: Analysis and OptionsNicholas Dew2012-07-01
Acquisition Management for Systems-of-Systems: Analysis of Alternatives via Computational Exploratory ModelDaniel DeLaurentis2012-07-01
Endogenous Split Awards as a Bid Protest and Procurement Management ToolPeter J. Coughlan, William Gates2012-07-01
Effective Acquisition Strategies for Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)Jacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, and John Rigilano2012-07-01
Implementation of the Department of Defense Small Business Innovation Research Commercialization Pilot Program: Recent Experience and International LessonsMax V. Kidalov, Kevin R. Hettinger, Mario Gonzalez2012-07-01
IT Acquisition: Expediting the Process to Deliver Business Capabilities to the DoD EnterpriseJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn2012-07-01

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