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Improving the SBA's Methodology for Setting Small Business Size ThresholdsNancy Young Moore, Amy G. Cox, Lloyd Dixon, Clifford A. Grammich, Judith Mele2012-04-01
Small Business Research in a World of Skewed ReturnsToby Edison2012-04-01
A Framework for Reuse in the DoNRandy Mactal, Lynne Spruill2012-04-01
Addressing Challenges in the Acquisition of Secure Software Systems With Open ArchitecturesWalt Scacchi, Thomas Alspaugh2012-04-01
Certifying Tools for Test Reduction in Open ArchitectureValdis Berzins2012-04-01
Facilitating Decision Choices with Cascading Consequences in Interdependent NetworksAnita Raja, Mohammad Rashedul Hasan, Mary Maureen Brown2012-04-01
Applications of Lexical Link Analysis Web Service for Large-Scale Automation, Validation, Discovery, Visualization, and Real-Time Program AwarenessYing Zhao, Shelley Gallup, Douglas MacKinnon2012-04-01
Acquisition Management for System-of-Systems: Requirement Evolution and Acquisition Strategy PlanningSeung Yeob Han, Zhemei Fang, Daniel DeLaurentis2012-04-01
An Aerospace and Defense Industry Market Index for 1950-2012 and the Connection With Defense SpendingRobert Bruce Williamson2012-04-01
Global Aerospace Industries: Rapid Changes Ahead? (Abridged)Raymond Franck, Ira Lewis, Bernard Udis2012-04-01
Third-Party Opportunism and the (In)Efficiency of Public ContractsMarian Moszoro, Pablo T. Spiller2012-04-01
Business Models for Cost Sharing and Capability SustainmentMichael Pryce2012-04-01
An Innovative Approach to Lower the Risk of Software-Intensive Development ProgramsJeff Dunlap2012-04-01
Basis for a Rational Defense: Acquiring the Right CapabilityJ. David Patterson2012-04-01
Analysis of Alternatives: Keys to SuccessJohn F. Schank2012-04-01
International Naval Technology Transfer: Lessons Learned from the Spanish and Chilean Shipbuilding ExperienceLarrie Ferreiro2012-04-01
Total Ship Design Process ModelingGilbert Goddin, David A. Helgerson, Seth Cooper, Gene Allen, Daniel Billingsley, Sean Gallagher 2012-04-01
Revitalization of Naval Surface Warfare Center Excellence in Early Stage Combat System EngineeringAshby Hall, Terence Sheehan, Mark Williams2012-04-01
The Excessive Profits of Defense Contractors: Evidence and DeterminantsChong Wang, Joseph San Miguel2012-04-01
A Quantitative Risk Analysis of Deficient Contractor Business SystemWilliam Fast2012-04-01
From TodayRobert Neches, James Carlini, Robert Graybill, Robert Hummel, Michael McGrath2012-04-01
Schedule-Driven Costs in Major Defense ProgramsRoy Wood2012-04-01
Acquisition Risks in a World of Joint Capabilities: A Study of Interdependency ComplexityMary Maureen Brown, Graham Owen2012-04-01
U.S. Department of Defense Services Contract Spending and the Supporting Industrial Base, 2000-2011David Berteau, Guy Ben-Ari, Greg Sanders, David Morrow, Jesse Ellman2012-04-01
Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Drivers of Acquisition Management Practices in the Army Rene Rendon, Uday Apte, Aruna Apte2012-04-01
Competition and the DoD Marketplace Nickolas H. Guertin, Brian Womble2012-04-01
Historical Analysis of Costs, Risks, and Uncertainties: Moving From a Proprietary to an Open Architected Systems, Open Business Acquisitions Management ApproachTom Housel, Scott Cole, Russel Wolff2012-04-01
Market Forces and the Defense Acquisition MarketplaceWilliam Schmidt2012-04-01
Forensic Studies to Understand Project PerformanceJames N. Ortiz2012-04-01
International Dynamics of U.S. National Defense Acquisition and Budgetary PolicyMarc DeVore, Lawrence Jones2012-04-01
Implications for the U.S. of Anglo-French Defense CooperationPeter Ito, David M. Moore, Peter Antill, Stuart Young, and Kevin Burgess2012-04-01
Joint and Coalition Tactical Networking: There's an App for That! Improving Affordability and Accelerating Innovation in Tactical Networking Using the Joint Tactical Radio System Enterprise Business ModelJeffery Hoyle2012-04-01
Widget and Mobile Technologies a Forcing Function for Acquisition Change: Paradigm Shift Without Leaving Bodies BehindTimothy Boyce, Michael Morris, Christopher Raney, Kenneth Trabue, Kari Nip2012-04-01
Examining the Apple App Store Business Model for Application to U.S. Navy RequirementsDouglas Brinkley, Brad Naegle2012-04-01
Ship Maintenance Processes With Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management and 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning Tools: Reducing Costs and Increasing ProductivityDavid Ford, Thomas J. Housel, Johnathan C. Mun2012-04-01
An Analysis of TRL-Based Cost and Schedule ModelsC. Robert Kenley, Bernard El-Khoury2012-04-01
Acquiring Enterprise Systems as a Portfolio of Real OptionsRonald Giachetti2012-04-01
Affordability Engineering Framework OverviewScott Anderson; Virginia Wydler, Joe Duquette2012-04-01
Total Ownership Cost a Decade Into the 21st CenturyBrad Naegle, Michael Boudreau2012-04-01
Comparing Software Acquisition Models Against Each Other: The "Build" vs. "Buy" vs. "Rent" Trade StudyRon Kohl2012-04-01
Estimating Logistics Burdens in Support of Acquisition DecisionsEva Regnier, Jay Simon, Daniel Nussbaum2012-04-01
Capabilities and Competencies in Humanitarian OperationsAruna Apte, Keenan Yoho2012-04-01
Applying the Three CElliot Maltz2012-04-01
Past Performance as an Indicator of Future Performance: Selecting an Industry Partner to Maximize the Probability of Program SuccessJames Bradshaw, Su Chang2012-04-01
Contracting Officer Workload and Contingency Contracting: Evidence From the Department of DefensePatrick Warren, Nancy Huff2012-04-01
Analysis of Alternatives in System Capability Satisficing for Effective AcquisitionBrian J. Sauser, Jose E. Ramirez-Marquez2012-03-01
Global Aerospace Industries: Rapid Changes Ahead?Raymond E. Franck, Ira Lewis, Bernard Udis2012-03-01
Analysis of the Sustainment Organization and Process for the Marine CorpsJeffery Van Bourgondien2012-03-01
The Excessive Profits of Defense Contractors: Evidence and DeterminantsChong Wang, Joseph San Miguel2012-02-01
Army Contracting Command Workforce Model AnalysisTimothy Reed2012-02-01

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