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Services Supply Chain in the Department of Defense: Drivers of Acquisition Management Practices in the ArmyAruna Apte, Uday M. Apte, Rene G. Rendon2012-02-01
Market Intelligence GuideTimothy Hawkins, Michael Knipper, Jason Ackiss, Derek Aufderheide, Pavan Balaji, Mike Corrigan, Amanda DeLancey, John Dix, Bryce Fiacco, Dan Finkenstadt, Trey Fryman, Ken Haile, Caitlin Harris, Jeremy Maloy, Mike Mealiff, John Muir, Josh Nabors, Andy Peterson, Andrew Pratt, Andrew Ramsey, James Sim2012-01-01
Analytical Examination of Performance-Based Acquisition StrategiesDavid R. Nowicki, Jose E. Ramirez-Marquez, Wesley S. Randall2012-01-01
Development of a Rapidly Deployable Special Operations Component Command (SOCC) Core Concept for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Special Operations Headquarters (NSHQ)John Krott, Frank Morales, William Livingston2012-01-01
Better Acquisition Management through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Other Best Practices for Preventing and Resolving Bid ProtestsPaul R. Benishek, Benjamin L. Sheinman, Max V. Kidalov, Diana I. Angelis2012-01-01
Investigating Advances in the Acquisition of Secure Systems Based on Open Architecture, Open Source Software, and Software Product LinesWalt Scacchi, Thomas A. Alspaugh2012-01-01
Cost as a Military RequirementJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn2012-01-01
Analysis of United States Air Forces Central Government Purchase Card Reachback ViabilityJason R. Ackiss, V. Pavan Balaji2011-12-01
Analyzing Commodity Council Development and Implementation: The Air Force Furnishings Commodity CouncilMichael A. Mealiff, Neal D. Wall2011-12-01
Analysis of the United States Marine CorpsNathanael E. Leon, Todd N. Paulson2011-12-01
U.S. National Defense Acquisition and Budgetary Policy in an International PerspectiveMarc R. DeVore, Lawrence R. Jones2011-12-01
Procurement Integrity in Contingency Operations: A Case Study of Army Contracting Officer Corruption in Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom Utilizing Occupational Fraud TheoryAmanda H. Flint2011-12-01
Wall Street and the Pentagon: U.S. Defense Industry's Access to Capital Markets, 1990-2010David Berteau, Guy Ben-Ari, Roy Levy, Ryan Crotty, Cornelia Moore2011-12-01
Analysis of U.S. Military Helicopter Operations in Support of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster ReliefCharles Fisher, Thomas Clementson2011-12-01
The Nett Warrior System: A Case Study for the Acquisition of Soldier SystemsJoseph L. Rosen, Jason W. Walsh2011-12-01
Analyzing Cost, Schedule, and Engineering Variances on Acquisition ProgramsWilliam E. Griffin, Michael R. Schilling2011-12-01
The Future of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Support of the Marine Expeditionary UnitLeslie T. Payton2011-11-01
Analysis of Historical Materiel Return Program (MRP) Credits at the 1st Marine Logistics Group Reparable Issue Point (RIP)John D. Draper, Edward M. Caricato2011-11-01
Marines vs. Contractors: An Analysis of a Supply Outsourcing Initiative and Its Impact on Cost and EfficiencyRobert Dinwoodie, Dennis Herold2011-11-01
Joint-Base Contracting: A Comparative Analysis of Joint-Base Contracting Activities Between ServicesBryce J. Fiacco, Daniel O. Stephens2011-11-01
Mission and Installation Contracting Command Services Acquisition: Empirical Analysis of Army Service Contract Management PracticesMichelle Ramos, Joshua Nabors2011-11-01
Green Acquisition Gap Analysis of the United States Air Force Operational Contracting OrganizationsAmanda L. DeLancey, Caitlin E. Harris, Andrew J. Ramsey2011-11-01
System-of-Systems Acquisition: Alignment and CollaborationThomas V. Huynh, John S. Osmundson, Rene G. Rendon2011-11-01
Enhancing the Enhanced Scenario-Based Method of Cost- Risk AnalysisSeth T. Hooper2011-11-01
Costing Complex Products, Operations & SupportMichael Pryce2011-11-01
A Business Case Analysis for Upgrading the Current Aerial Reconnaissance Fleet to the Q400 AircraftDaniel Ramos, Adam Moodie2011-11-01
Apple App Store as a Business Model Supporting U.S. Navy RequirementsBrad R. Naegle, Douglas E. Brinkley2011-11-01
Theory and Feasibility of Implementing Economic Input/Output Analysis of Department of Defense to Support Acquisition Decision Analysis and Cost EstimationEva Regnier, Dan Nussbaum2011-11-01
Conquering the Iron Mountain: Reducing the Marine Expeditionary UnitChristopher Daniels, Michael Manning2011-11-01
A Decision Model for Merging Base Operations: Outsourcing Pest Management on Joint Base Anacostia-BollingShane H. Derby, Michael C. Bishop2011-11-01
An Analysis of the Relationship Between the Professionalism of Defense Acquisition Program Managers and Program OutcomesKeith F. Snider2011-11-01
Best Value Analysis of Movement Strategies for Carrier Air Wing Five (CVW-5) from Iwakuni to Yokosuka, JapanShawn Coleman, Gentry D. Debord, Justin A. Hodge2011-11-01
A Benchmark Study of the Air Force Program Executive Office for Combat and Mission SupportAndrew Peterson, Daniel J. Finkenstadt2011-10-01
Historical Analysis of Costs, Risks, and Uncertainties: Moving From a Propriertary to an Open Architected Systems (OA, SOA, MOSA), Open Business Acquisitions Management ApproachScott F. Cole, Russel G. Wolff2011-10-01
An Analysis of Department of Energy Cost Proposal Process and EffectivenessTimothy Reed, Sean Andrews, David Youd2011-10-01
Business Case Analysis of Cargo Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Capability in Support of Forward Deployed Logistics in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF)Troy M. Peterson, Jason R. Staley2011-10-01
Assessing the State of Procurement Knowledge Production: Implications for the Federal Government Alfred D. Fryman, Kenneth A. Haile2011-10-01
Organizational Use of a Framework for Innovation AdoptionScott Avery Voigts2011-09-01
Ship Maintenance Processes with Collaborative Product Life Cycle Management and 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning Tools: Reducing Costs and Increasing Productivity David N. Ford, Thomas J. Housel, Johnathan C. Mun2011-09-01
Mathematical modeling to reduce the cost of complex system testing: Characterizing test coverage to assess and improve information return Karl D. Pfeiffer, Valery A. Kanevsky and Thomas J. Housel2011-09-01
When Disaster Strikes: Is Logistics and Contracting Support Ready?Aruna Apte, E. Cory Yoder2011-09-01
A Web Service Implementation for Large-Scale Automation, Visualization, and Real-Time Program-Awareness Via Lexical Link AnalysisYing Zhao, Shelley P. Gallup, Douglas J. MacKinnon2011-09-01
Strategies for Logistics in Case of a Natural DisasterAruna Apte, Keenan D. Yoho2011-09-01
Investigating Advances in the Acquisition of Systems Based on Open Architecture and Open Source SoftwareWalt Scacchi, Thomas A. Alspaugh, Hazel Asuncion2011-08-01
Analysis of ROI in Industry SOA ImplementationRussell G. Wolff2011-08-01
Acquisition Risks in a World of Joint CapabilitiesMary Maureen Brown2011-08-01
System Capability Satisficing in Defense Acquisition via Element Importance MeasuresBrian J. Sauser, Jose E. Ramirez-Marquez2011-08-01
Deriving the Cost of Software Maintenance for Software Intensive SystemsBradley J. Sams2011-08-01
Cost and Time Overruns for Major Defense Acquisition ProgramsJoachim, Hofbauer, Gregory Sanders, Jesse Ellman, David Morrow, David Berteau, Guy Ben-Ari, Nicholas Lombardo2011-07-01
Emerging Patterns in the Global Defense IndustryRaymond E. Franck, Ira Lewis, David Matthews, Bernard Udis2011-06-01

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