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An Analysis of U.S. Navy Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief OperationsCullen M. Greenfield, Cameron A. Ingram2011-06-01
Operational Analysis of Contractor-Supported Ground Support Equipment (GSE) at the Oklahoma City Air Logistics CenterBrian Garbert, Geoff Holly, Joseph Peth2011-06-01
Analysis of the U.S. Department of Defense Contracting and Logistics Support During the first 100 hours of the 2010 Haitian Disaster Response OperationStella E. Obayuwana, Eric D. Lockett2011-06-01
Assessing the Accuracy of Marine Corps Reserve Active Duty Dates Within the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting SystemChristina A. Schmunk2011-06-01
Impact of Continuous Competition on Operations and Support CostsJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, and Christopher Vorhis2011-05-01
Impact of U.S. Export Control and Technology Transfer Regime on the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) ProjectDavid Moore, Peter Ito, Stuart Young, Kevin Burgess, Peter Antill2011-05-01
Major Acquisition IssuesJacques S. Gansler2011-05-01
Today Acquisition ChallengesNancy Spruill2011-05-01
Major Acquisition IssuesPierre Chao2011-05-01
Advancing Open Architecture AcquisitionChristopher Deegan2011-05-01
Open Architecture Product LinesMike Arendt, Tim Fain, William Schmidt, Brian Womble2011-05-01
An Architecture-Centric Approach for Acquiring Software-Reliant SystemsLawrence Jones, John Bergey2011-05-01
The Impact of U.S. Export Control and Technology Transfer Regime on the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) ProjectDavid Moore, Peter Ito, Stuart Young, Kevin Burgess, Peter Antill2011-05-01
NATO Agency ReformEugene Warner2011-05-01
Improving IT AcquisitionJacques Gansler2011-05-01
IT Acquisition: Expediting the Process to Deliver Business Capabilities to the DoD Enterprise Jacquies S. Gansler2011-05-01
Making Acquisition Measurable Kevin Buck, Diane Hanf2011-05-01
Command and Control Rapid Prototyping Continuum (C2RPC) Transition: Bridging the Valley of DeathNicholas Gizzi2011-05-01
Contemporary Contracting IssuesLenn Vincent2011-05-01
Unintended Consequences of Advocating Use of Fixed-Price Contracts in Defense Acquisition PracticeChong Wang, Joseph San Miguel2011-05-01
Why Did not the DoD Defend Their FDOs?James Gill2011-05-01
Identifying Procurement Fraud in Defense Agencies: An Analysis of the Government Purchase Card ProgramJuanita Rendon2011-05-01
Software-Intensive Acquisition Programs: Productivity and PolicyKathlyn Loudin2011-05-01
Lessons Learned in Applying Modular Open Systems Approach Requirements in an Acquisition ProgramAndrew Chen2011-05-01
Surface Warfare Center Contributions for Addressing Warfare System Development Challenges and GoalsMary Ann Cummings2011-05-01
Navy Shipbuilding Industrial BaseDavid Berteau2011-05-01
Emerging Patterns in the Global Defense IndustryRaymond Franck, Ira Lewis, Bernard Udis, David Matthews2011-05-01
Rebuilding Naval Fleet: Lessons Learned from the UK ExperienceJohn Schank2011-05-01
Determinants of Services: Sourcing PerformanceTim Hawkins, Gregory Hildebrandt, William Muir2011-05-01
An Evaluation of IDIQ Contracts for ServicesWilliam Lucyshyn, Jacques Gansler2011-05-01
Performane-Based Life Cycle Product Support: A New Look at Enablers and BarriersTom Edison, Andre Murphy2011-05-01
Ship Maintenance Processes with Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management and 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning Tools: Reducing Costs and Increasing ProductivityDavid Ford, Texas A&M, Thomas Housel and Johnathan Mun, NPS2011-05-01
Analysis of Alternatives in System Capability Satisficing for Effective AcquisitionBrian Sauser, Jose Ramirez-Marquez, Weiping Tan2011-05-01
Proposed Methodology for Performance Prediction and Monitoring for an Acknowledged Systems of SystemsCarly Jackson, Rich Volkert2011-05-01
Test Reduction in Open Architecture via Dependency AnalysisValdis Berzin, Peter Lim, Mohsen Ben Kahia2011-05-01
Utilizing Statistical Inference to Guide Expectations and Test Structuring During Operational Testing and EvaluationJoy Brathwaite, Alton Wallace, Robert Holcomb2011-05-01
Defense Industry Access to Capital Markets: Wall Street and the PentagonDavid Berteau2011-05-01
Creating and Sustaining Effective Government-Defense Industry PartnershipSteve Mills, Scott D. Fouse, Allen Green2011-05-01
Department of Defense Field Activities as Enablers of the Defense Industrial Base for the Acquisition of Surface Navy Combat SystemsH. Glenn Woodard, Warren Lewis, Gilbert Goddin, Wendy Schaeffer2011-05-01
In-Service Support of Surface Navy Combat Systems: Safety, Effectiveness, and Affordability Reviews: The Systems Engineering Process at NSWC PHDStephen Meade, Kris Hatakeyama, Juan Camacho, Karen Brower, and Dave Scheid2011-05-01
A Web Service Implementation for Large-Scale Automation, Visualization and Real-Time Program Awareness via Lexical Link AnalysisYing Zhao, Shelley Gallup, Douglas MacKinnon2011-05-01
Acquisition Risks in a World of Joint CapabilitiesMary Maureen Brown, Robet Kravchuk, Graham Owen2011-05-01
An Assessment of Acquisition Outcomes and Impact of Reforms and InitiativesMichael Sullivan2011-05-01
Cost and Time Overruns for Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs)David Berteau2011-05-01
Straight Talk: Major Program Manager Views of Defense AcquisitionRoy Wood, Al Moseley2011-05-01
Acquisition Improvement Challenges: First PrinciplesJ. David Patterson2011-05-01
The Effect of Processes and Incentives on Acquisition Cost GrowthDoug Bodner, Bill Rouse, I-Hsiang Lee2011-05-01
Control of Total Ownership Costs of DoD Acquisition Development Programs Through Integrated Systems Engineering Processes and MetricsPaul Montgomery, Ron Carlson2011-05-01
Robust Systems Engineering: Ensuring Successful Acquisition Outcomes Through "Elegant" DesignBob Keane2011-05-01
Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Systems Engineering Training and Education in the Department of DefenseWilliam Fast2011-05-01

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