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Outsourcing the Procurement/Acquisition Function of an OperationDebbie Nicholson2011-05-01
Determining the Appropriate Size of the Contracting Workforce: Yes We Can!Timothy Reed2011-05-01
How Can Civilian Retention in the ACC Contracting Professional Community Be Affected?Charles Farrior2011-05-01
Costing Complex Products, Operations & SupportMichael Pryce2011-05-01
Impact of Export Control and Technology Transfer Regimes: International PerspectiveRaymond Franck, Ira Lewis, Bernard Udis2011-05-01
Department of Defense Field Activity Roles as Enablers for the Industrial Base: Naval Laboratory Analysis that Supports Key Acquisition DecisionsSteve Sovine2011-05-01
The People Problem: Research in Acquisition Human CapitalJeffrey Parsons2011-05-01
A Better Basis for Ship Acquisition Decisions: Engineering a Solution to Ship Acquisition WoesDan Billingsley2011-05-01
System-of-Systems Acquisition: Alignment and CollaborationJohn Osmundson, Rene Rendon, Thomas Huynh2011-05-01
Capability and Development Time Trade-off Analysis in Systems-of-SystemsMuharrem Mane, Daniel DeLaurentis2011-05-01
Using Architecture Tools to Reduce the Risk in Systems-of-Systems IntegrationChris Piaszczyk2011-05-01
Developing Program Management Leadership for Acquisition ReformNeil McCown2011-05-01
Experience Catalysts: Understanding How They Can Help Fill the Acquisition Experience Gap for the Department of DefenseRobert Tremaine2011-05-01
Program Manager Professionalization: The "Return on Investment" QuestionKeith Snider2011-05-01
Optimal Cost Avoidance Investment and Pricing Strategies for Performance-Based Post-Production Service ContractsDavid Nowicki, Jose Ramirez-Marquez, Wesley Randall, Ilona Murynets2011-05-01
Prediction Markets as an Information Aggregation Tool for Effective Project Management in Defense Acquisition ProjectsRicardo Valerdi, Matthew Potoski2011-05-01
Game Theoretic Real Option Approach of the Procurement of Department of Defense: Competition or CollaborationMarc Rabaey2011-05-01
Acquisition and Logistics Support of Disaster Relief and Homeland SecurityKathleen Dussault2011-05-01
Strategies for Logistics in Case of a Natural DisasterAruna Apte, Keenan Yoho2011-05-01
When Disaster Strikes: Is Logistics and Contracting Support Ready?Aruna Apte, E. Cory Yoder2011-05-01
Financing Naval Support for Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Response: A Cost Analysis and Planning ModelStephen Ures2011-05-01
An Analysis of U.S. Navy Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations Cullen Greenfield, Cameron Ingram2011-05-01
Strategic Sourcing with Small Business in MindLora Gross2011-05-01
The Other "Big A": Coming to Grips with AffordabilityRuben Pitts III2011-05-01
Military Cost-Benefit Analysis: Introducing Affordability in Vendor Selection DecisionsFrancois Melese, Anke Richter, Jay Simon2011-05-01
On a Quantitative Definition of AffordabilityCharles LaCivita, Kent Wall2011-05-01
Maximizing Effectiveness Using a Flexible InventoryManbir Sodhi, James Ferguson, Marie Bussiere, and Betty Jester2011-05-01
Foreign Military Sales: A Financial Analysis and Assessment of the Administrative Surcharge RateMatthew P. Fix, Abizer H. Tyabji2011-05-01
Financing Naval Support for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response: An Analysis of Cost Drivers and Cash FlowsStephen Ures2011-05-01
Mission and Installation Contracting Command Services Acquisition: Empirical Analysis of Army Service Contract Management PracticesThomas G. McFall, Dennis La2011-04-01
Assessment of Army Contracting Command Contract Management Processes (TACOM and RDECOM)Rene G. Rendon2011-04-01
Identifying Procurement Fraud in Defense Agencies: An Analysis of the Government Purchase Card ProgramJuanita M. Rendon2011-04-01
Proceedings of the 8th Annual Acquisition Research Symposium; Volume I Wednesday Proceedings2011-04-01
Proceedings of the 8th Annual Acquisition Research Symposium; Volume II Thursday Proceedings2011-04-01
Delivering Savings with Open Architecture and Product LinesMike Arendt, Tim Fain, William Schmidt, Brian Womble2011-04-01
An Architecture-Centric Approach for Acquiring Software-Reliant SystemsLawrence Jones, John Bergey2011-04-01
Advances in the Acquisition of Secure Systems Based on Open ArchitecturesWalt Scacchi, Thomas Alspaugh2011-04-01
The Impact of U.S. Export Control and Technology Transfer Regime on the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) ProjectDavid Moore, Peter Ito, Stuart Young, Kevin Burgess, Peter Antill2011-04-01
International Perspectives of the Impact of Export Control and Technology Transfer Regimes: The F/A-18 Case StudyRaymond Franck, Ira Lewis, Bernard Udis2011-04-01
NATO Acquisition and Agency ReformEugene Warner2011-04-01
IT Acquisition: Expediting the Process to Deliver Business Capabilities to the DoD EnterpriseJacques Gansler, William Lucyshyn2011-04-01
Making Acquisition MeasurableKevin Buck, Diane Hanf2011-04-01
Command and Control Rapid Prototyping Continuum (C2RPC) Transition: Bridging the Valley of DeathNicholas Gizzi2011-04-01
Unintended Consequences of Advocating Use of Fixed-Price Contracts in Defense Acquisition PracticeChong Wang, Joseph San Miguel2011-04-01
Why Did not the DoD Defend Their FDOJames Gill2011-04-01
Identifying Procurement Fraud in Defense Agencies: An Analysis of the Government Purchase Card ProgramJuanita Rendon2011-04-01
Surface Warfare Center Contributions for Addressing Warfare System Development Challenges and GoalsJoe Heil, Kevin Pitts, Scott Ruff, Mike Lim, Andrew Orzechowski2011-04-01
Emerging Patterns in the Global Defense IndustryRaymond Franck, Ira Lewis, Bernard Udis, David Matthews2011-04-01
Determinants of Service Contract OutcomesTim Hawkins, Gregory Hildebrandt, William Muir2011-04-01
An Evaluation of IDIQ Contracts for ServicesWilliam Lucyshyn, Jacques Gansler, Amelia Corl2011-04-01

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