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Performance-Based Life Cycle Product Support: A New Look at Enablers and BarriersTom Edison, Andre Murphy2011-04-01
Ship Maintenance Processes with Collaborative Product Lifecycle Management and 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning Tools: Reducing Costs and Increasing ProductivityDavid Ford, Thomas Housel, Johnathan Mun2011-04-01
Analysis of Alternatives in System Capability Satisficing for Effective AcquisitionBrian Sauser, Jose Ramirez-Marquez, Weiping Tan2011-04-01
Proposed Methodology for Performance Prediction and Monitoring for an Acknowledged Systems of SystemsCarly Jackson, Rich Volkert2011-04-01
Modeling Complex System Testing: Characterizing Test Coverage to Improve Information ReturnKarl Pfeiffer, Valery Kanevsky, Thomas Housel2011-04-01
Test Reduction in Open Architecture via Dependency AnalysisValdis Berzin, Peter Lim, Mohsen Ben Kahia2011-04-01
Utilizing Statistical Inference to Guide Expectations and Test Structuring During Operational Testing and EvaluationJoy Brathwaite, Alton Wallace, Robert Holcomb2011-04-01
Defense Industry Access to Capital Markets: Wall Street and the Pentagon, An Annotated BriefDavid Berteau, Roy Levy, Guy Ben-Ari, Cornelia Moore2011-04-01
The Impact of Economic Austerity on U.S. and European Defense Industrial BasesNayantara Hensel2011-04-01
Creating and Sustaining Effective Partnership Between Government and IndustrySteve Mills, Scott D. Fouse, Allen Green2011-04-01
Department of Defense Field Activities as Enablers of the Defense Industrial Base for the Acquisition of Surface Navy Combat SystemsH. Glenn Woodard, Warren Lewis, Gilbert Goddin, Wendy Schaeffer2011-04-01
Department of Defense Field Activity Roles as Enablers for the Industrial Base: Naval Laboratory Analysis that Supports Key Acquisition DecisionsSteve Sovine, Lorilee Geisweidt, Dave Clawson, Nathan A. Miller2011-04-01
In-Service Support of Surface Navy Combat Systems: Safety, Effectiveness, and Affordability Reviews: The Systems Engineering Process at NSWC PHDStephen Meade, Kris Hatakeyama, Juan Camacho, Karen Brower, and Dave Scheid2011-04-01
A Web Service Implementation for Large-Scale Automation, Visualization and Real-Time Program Awareness via Lexical Link AnalysisYing Zhao, Shelley Gallup, Douglas MacKinnon2011-04-01
Cost and Time Overruns for Major Defense Acquisition Programs: An Annotated BriefDavid Berteau, Guy Ben-Ari, Joachim Hofbauer, Gregory Sanders, Jesse Ellman, David Morrow2011-04-01
Straight Talk: Major Program Manager Views of Defense AcquisitionRoy Wood, Al Moseley2011-04-01
The Effect of Processes and Incentives on Acquisition Cost GrowthDoug Bodner, Bill Rouse, I-Hsiang Lee2011-04-01
The Failures and Promises of an Operational Service-Oriented Architecture: The ROI of Operational Effectiveness in Addition to Acquisition Efficiency at the NavyRichard Suttie, Nicholas Potter2011-04-01
The Theory and Feasibility of Implementing an Economic Input/Output Analysis of the Department of Defense to Support Acquisition Decision Analysis and Cost EstimationEva Regnier, Dan Nussbaum2011-04-01
Control of Total Ownership Costs of DoD Acquisition Development Programs Through Integrated Systems Engineering Processes and MetricsPaul Montgomery, Ron Carlson2011-04-01
Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Systems Engineering Training and Education in the Department of DefenseWilliam Fast2011-04-01
Determining the Appropriate Size of the Contracting Workforce: Yes We Can!Tim Reed2011-04-01
How Can Civilian Retention in the Army Contracting Command Contracting Professional Community Be Affected?Charles Farrior2011-04-01
Outsourcing the Procurement/Acquisition Function of an Operation: Is It a Good Thing or Not?Debbie Nicholson2011-04-01
Costing Complex Products, Operations, and SupportMichael Pryce2011-04-01
A Better Basis for Ship Acquisition DecisionsDan Billingsley2011-04-01
Back to the Future: The Department of Defense Looks Back at the Should Cost Review to Save Buying Power in the FutureMartin Sherman2011-04-01
Capability and Development Time Trade-off Analysis in Systems-of-SystemsMuharrem Mane, Daniel DeLaurentis2011-04-01
System-of-Systems Acquisition: Alignment and CollaborationThomas Huynh, John S. Osmundson, Rene G. Rendon2011-04-01
Using Architecture Tools to Reduce the Risk in SoS IntegrationChris Piaszczyk2011-04-01
Developing Program Management Leadership for Acquisition ReformNeil McCown2011-04-01
Experience Catalysts: Understanding How They Can Help Fill the Acquisition Experience Gap for the Department of Defense?Robert Tremaine2011-04-01
Optimal Cost Avoidance Investment and Pricing Strategies for Performance-Based Post-Production Service ContractsDavid Nowicki, Jose Ramirez-Marquez, Wesley Randall, Ilona Murynets2011-04-01
Prediction Markets as an Information Aggregation Tool for Effective Project Management in Defense Acquisition ProjectsRicardo Valerdi, Matthew Potoski2011-04-01
Game Theoretic Real Option Approach of the Procurement of Department of Defense: Competition or CollaborationMarc Rabaey2011-04-01
Strategies for Logistics in Case of a Natural DisasterKeenan Yoho, Aruna Apte2011-04-01
When Disaster Strikes: Is Logistics and Contracting Support Ready?Aruna Apte, E. Cory Yoder2011-04-01
Strategic Sourcing with Small Business in MindLora Gross2011-04-01
Implementation of the Department of Defense Small Business Innovation Research Commercialization Pilot Program: Be All You Can Be?Max Kidalov, Kevin Hettinger, Mario Gonzalez2011-04-01
Military Cost-Benefit Analysis: Introducing Affordability in Vendor Selection DecisionsFrancois Melese, Anke Richter, Jay Simon2011-04-01
On a Quantitative Definition of AffordabilityCharles LaCivita, Kent Wall2011-04-01
Maximizing Effectiveness Using a Flexible InventoryManbir Sodhi, James Ferguson, Marie Bussiere, Betty Jester2011-04-01
Comparing Acquisition Strategies: Maintenance-Free Operating Period vs. Traditional Logistics SupportNickolas H. Guertin, Paul Bruhns2011-04-01
An Evaluation of IDIQ Contracts for ServicesJacques S. Gansler, William Lucyshyn, Amelia Cotton Corl2011-03-01
Acquisition Management for Systems-of-Systems: Risk Dynamics and Exploratory Model ExperimentationDaniel De Laurentis, Muharrem Mane2011-03-01
A Rationale and Framework for Establishing a Systems Engineering Community within the Department of the ArmyAlan Clayton, Anders Wiborg, Amie Riva2011-03-01
A Model for Determining Optimal Governance Structure in DOD Acquisition Projects in a Performance-Based EnvironmentBerkowitz, Simpson, Kallam, Gundlach, Jones2011-03-01
Total Ownership CostMike Boudreau, Brad Naegle2011-03-01
The Effect of Deployment Frequencies of the Military Divorce RateStacy J. Arenstein2011-03-01
Mark XIV Torpedo Case StudyDave F. Matthews2011-03-01

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